Morning PagesFebruary 04, 2015

Wherever you get your story from, you live your life from.

As children we begin. Innocent and ignorant. Then we begin to play the games we believe to be necessary for a child to play – teasing, competing, comparing, even whinging or raging to get our way. But this is not the only story.

As children we begin. Capable yet curious. In each moment we stand and explore what might be. In each person we open to the unknown, moved by the desire to fill and be filled simultaneously. This story, of being with, is the story you have not yet been told. It is the story of knowing that you always have been on purpose and that life is.

Wherever you get your story from, you live your life from. There is no simpler way to navigate the ‘better’ or more ‘successful’ life. The story is your point of focus, it is your compass. It tells you what is true and how to defend that truth to the end!

The story is not the key. You cannot commit to a new story and simply be in a different paradigm. The story is your commitment and without it you are lost.

Without your point of focus, you are not making sense of the world. Something else is needed. Something drastic that requires courage and surrender. Wherever you are, whomever you wish you could be, it is your story that makes it possible.

For so long we have been taught to demonise the things that make our story possible; to admonish the ego, to quell our hunger, to breathe through our anger, to survive our tragedies, and breakthrough to new ground as if fresh Earth could cleanse the stain of torment and misdeed from our humanity.

This story, of the dark night of the soul and promised land is your life’s work. You tell it over and over again to make sense of what has happened, of who you might be if only. And just as the universe will let you ‘want’ when you affirm ‘I want to manifest…’ there is another loop of problem-address-success-failure-problem-address-success-failure that keeps your story going.

Ask yourself, “If there were no problems, what would I be motivated by?”

Without the problem-address-success-failure loop, how would you know you were doing a ‘good’ job, and when would you feel the urge to change?

All your life the story has been telling you to look for trouble, to see the problem as motivation and to divide the world into good and bad. This is perfect. Keep doing this if you feel like it’s working. Keep seeing what needs fixing and go into that place as an agent of change. Keep assessing yourself as on purpose or off track, and keep living by the story that something has to be wrong in order for me to pay attention…

Until you feel the pull to do something differently.

Then it’s time to pay attention for it’s own sake. It’s time to translate the world and all its ills from a different story. One that allows you to be with. One that asks you to be on purpose because Life is. One that recognises the inhale and exhale as one continuous act of faith without good or bad, right or wrong, higher or lower, better or worse – because whatever you came here to do is being done and whatever the world needs is not separate from being present.

The Perfect Present