Morning PagesJanuary 20, 2015

What if there is no problem?

This morning I went through my emails and unsubscribed to all the people who talk to me about my ‘problems’ – because I don’t have any.

It’s not that my life is without interesting twists and turns. It’s not that I don’t wait in line or get funny looks or have too many zeros in the bank. It’s just that I don’t have any problems.

I don’t label anything a problem because it is what it is, and whatever it is I can be with it. I may not be able to ‘fix’ it or ‘change’ it or ‘control’ it (but why would I want to do that?)

I unsubscribed because I’m ready to talk to people who also don’t have problems. My doors are open to people who want to come hang out and share their experience of life as a conversation. My heart is smiling and my life is available to those who walk the way of a Living Master.

You may not be able to bring people back to life, part the sea or manifest millions, but you can be with whatever Spirit has struck up in conversation with you in this moment. You know who you are. You’re the one who thinks there must be a reason even though part of you is tortured by the seeking of reason. You’re the one who doesn’t know quite how to explain it but life is an intuitive playground that asks you again and again to be present no matter what.

For you the explaining is the hardest part. Living is simple, you just feel it. Being with people who want to assess your emotional state or tell you how to cure that cough, that’s the tricky bit. If it weren’t for other people forever trying to stick you in a box, life would be bliss.

You have no problems. You know the ‘bad’ smells are just aromas. You know ‘waiting’ is an opportunity to be still. You know ‘noise’ is an invitation to sing. You know ‘betrayal’ is the universe sending you on another adventure. And you know ‘death’ as a phase into being that we can’t see (well some of us can).

Now, how about having no problems and being able to live with people who do have problems! Can you dig it? Are you wishing there was an easy way to wash away their ‘distress’ and ‘control’ so that you didn’t have to live with it? Because there’s something magical about having no problems AND being able to see that other people have no problems either.

Let me explain…

I walk around in the world seeing what Spirit sees. I’m not bothered by a door here or a fork there, whatever it looks like is only part of the picture. I know how to see past the image into the conversation with God. That makes my adventure simple, effortless. Now, people want to be near me and talk to me about their life because the things I say help them see past the image and into the conversation too. Which is great!

It’s better than great, it’s perfect. It’s what I do. That’s why I’m here. But there’s more to it.

Not only do I see the conversation for myself and translate from the image to the conversation for other people, I also have a way of being with that allows me to be human. I can stomp and cry and be uncertain and still have no problems. And here’s why…

When I am stomping, I am aware of stomping and allowed to stomp for it’s own sake (no reason required, no bad day to inspire stomping, and no other people to attack with my stomping). This leaves me free to be present to stomping without any of the ‘he said/she said/I wish/woe lament’ that comes with having problems.

It also means that stomping is a short term activity which does not define me. I Am. The stomping is a wave of expression that I embody (for its own sake) and at all times, I Am. I can engage it as a conversation without looking for a reason or justification for stomping. I can embody its attitude in the spirit of play without making it less than dancing or working. And I can speak to its presence as sacred instead of trying to race to the other side back onto safer ground (for there is only here and now).

If you think you have problems, maybe you would like to experiment with the I Am method. Maybe just for one day, you would like to try stomping or whinging or being tired in the spirit of play that allows you to embody the feeling for its own sake, and to let it flow through you (so you don’t have to rush it on its way or make it better or understand its origins).

Or maybe not.