Morning PagesNovember 23, 2014

The Thrive Movement

Yesterday I was looking through some social media posts I had saved for later and came across an article about ‘Linear chains of the body-mind.’ Which begins ‘Dr. Guiseppe Calligaris studied medicine, received the highest grades and obtained his medical degree in 1901 summa cum laude at the medical facility in Bologna for his pioneering dissertation titled, Thoughts Do Heal.’

The article said Calligaris conducted ‘research into the body-mind skin-reflex chains,’ that ‘for over thirty years, Calligaris examined thousands of individuals, and discovered that the system of coordinates and points on the skin of the human body evoked reproducible effects. He proved that everybody could be stimulated to enhance clairvoyance, clairaudience, and precognition and retrocognition, the same way that we learn writing or mathematical calculations. Calligaris discovered points of intersections of cosmic energies which acted as mirrors, collectors and accumulators. He found that these points could be loaded [i.e. a force applied against the point], for instance, by metal cylinders, and stimulated to better reflect the higher intelligence and to produce an echo of the vital vibrations of the universe.’

‘Dr. Calligaris found that a mental image, the thought-form itself, will cause stimulation within the body…Research has shown that thoughts can be regarded as objects with physical existence. Various Calligaris locations are related with certain organs, and these spots respond and correspond to emotions. So, thoughts can cause emotions and touch organs, which in turn relate to the points on the skin. It Is not the acupuncture system of points.’

Fascinating as all that is, I was led to the comments where I landed on a discussion and link to a video about the torus as ‘a fundamental geometry in all of reality, and very inherently connected to the essence of our existence… [that] connects ideas about nature and energy flow with the infinite nature and the source field of all things.’

Turns out the torus is the shape I have been drawing for some time to describe the nature of our being a point of Oneness without being defined by a single, stagnant ‘self’. Here is a doodle from a notebook in July of this year:

























My explanation is not quite the same as the fundamental geometry concept. I was talking about being a dynamic collection of points (of awareness) between the concentrated centre and the All That Is. It’s as if we are walking around with the illusion of consistency when in reality there is nothing about us that sticks from one moment to the next (except that we continue to go back to points of awareness familiar to us).

These points of awareness are active all the time and give us our sense of what’s going on. If I am ‘channelling’ a message whether it’s from Christ or the tree I have my hands on or the client sitting in my office, I am doing the same thing – reconfiguring my points of awareness.

When I’m making an assessment of HOW to see the world or which story to cling to as my immediate reality, I am simply reconfiguring my points of awareness. I do this all day for my entire life. In each moment I get to choose where my consciousness is located, which points in the torus it is correlated with, or which points of perspective in the All That Is I am tuned to.

The torus is not outside of me or an awareness I need to access. The torus is awareness. If you are tuned to concrete, singular, consistent aspects of self, then you are doing so as a choice in each moment for the torus is always moving! You cannot get stuck in one spot, it’s impossible.

The Thrive Movement

The link about the torus also took me to a movie – Thrive

More than a film about sacred geometry or politics or spirituality, Thrive is an attempt to give you some background on how the world works, some of the major issues, and a lot of the solutions being proposed. Foster Gamble and is wife Kimberly are the main characters/protagonists/champions of the work. A most eloquent and educated pair driven by compassionate reason and thorough investigation.

‘THRIVE is an unconventional documentary that lifts the veil on what’s REALLY going on in our world by following the money upstream — uncovering the global consolidation of power in nearly every aspect of our lives. Weaving together breakthroughs in science, consciousness and activism, THRIVE offers real solutions, empowering us with unprecedented and bold strategies for reclaiming our lives and our future.’

It’s ambitious. I’m impressed at the scale of the project and admire the administrators ability to collate such a diverse array of information in one easy to access space. I’m also hopeful that such an endeavour is the beginning of the end of the problem-solution paradox.

Most notable, for me, was the snippet with Barbara Marx Hubbard toward the end who said that if everyone knew this as ‘our birth, that everyone is needed and everyone will get what they truly want’ then we could enjoy a magical world… because I have often butted heads with the idea that we need to focus on a ‘re-birth’ on a ‘global evolution’ somewhere in the future that denies us the ability to know our purpose and perfection in this moment. But I love that she says ‘everyone is needed’ because I’m assuming that means the oil company directors, the Rockefeller’s, the bank managers, the miners, the dairy industry advocates, the government henchmen responsible for removing free energy prototypes (and their inventors), and all the other people mentioned in the story about world domination.

I’m assuming that because it means that we are starting to see the self-organising system for what it is.

I love that Foster ends with Aikido and the core ethic of focusing on what’s best for the individual (not the group) and I can see where ‘non-violation’ makes sense to him, to everyone who wants to live in a friendly, fearless world… and yet I can also see the how ‘non-violation’ is yet another principle of control. It’s a way to denote what it means to be ‘good’, to belong, to have worth, to be on purpose, when truly we are too perceptually (and culturally) bias to KNOW what it is to follow principles of goodness and worth and anything else that takes us out of being present and into playing by the rules.

Obviously I’m not suggesting we shut it all down and just let people run riot. Who would let that happen anyway? It’s logistically impossible.

What I’m drawing into the discussion is the point that whatever principle or ethic you come up with for people to adhere to, will be variously defined and almost impossible to serve all people at all times. So what do we do with all of our human systems if creating principles is only going to change the problems shape? How about we get rid of the problem altogether?!

The Problem-Solution Paradox

Okay, so denying there is hunger and corruption isn’t going to get us anywhere. That’s not in dispute.

But what if hunger was not your motivator and yet you acted to do something about it? Don’t you think Spirit, or the Inner Drive, your intuitive guidance has a plan for you to do something about all the ‘suffering’ on the planet? Don’t you think your purpose is directly linked to all the other aspects of All That Is in this reality? Why else do you read about global consciousness and the evolution of planetary co-creation?

If your purpose is connected to some aspect of the picture, and your intuitive guidance is the compass, then you don’t need to focus on the problem to find a solution. Most of our greatest inventions and insights are not created out of the desire to solve a problem, they are ‘accidental’ meanderings in the world of curiosity. When you focus on ‘problems’ you do two things, 1) you limit your discoveries to what the problem allows you to conceive of, and 2) you feed energy into the problem itself.

No matter how you go about it, when you produce a solution to a problem you cannot avoid recreating the problem. It’s one of those philosophical paradoxes we need to comprehend if we really want to start living in fusion with the All That Is. The consciousness that created the problem is invested in seeing it as a problem!

So how do you see it outside the problem-solution paradigm and still ‘get things done’?

Living Fusion

You keep doing what you’re doing with a different story.

Instead of individuals being motivated by greed and violence and superiority, you know that even the Rockefeller’s are motivated by the desire to ‘feel loved’. This is more than suggesting that everyone just wants to be loved, I am talking about ‘feeling loved’ as a function of how each one of us has learnt to belong, find worth (purpose), and be safe. These are complex, dynamic concepts that live with us in each moment. They drive our thoughts and behaviours. They manifest in our lives as rules about what makes the world go around. They are the story that give meaning to your ‘facts’.

Most people will stop doing what they’re doing once they know a different story, especially if the current story is making them blind to their worth, purpose, and safety. As an advocate of peace you will know it from the inside out rather than focusing on creating it from the outside in. Your ‘work’ on the planet will not change, only your motivation and the sense of peace you experience changes because it stops being about what’s ‘happening’ around you.

It stops being about what’s happening around you because you know all things as happening for you. That means you go to Guinea and set up sustainable development with an inner peace that is purely focused on your purpose in this moment. It means you volunteer because your intuition tells you to and all the experiences you have while you’re signing up, on the way to work, as you participate, pondering life on the way home, these are all in the moment as a point of Oneness without any other story about who’s wrong and who’s right or who’s doing what to you versus who’s backing you up… because it’s all life happening for you (and there’s no other story).

I know it sounds crazy, but so does any idea until you have an experience of it.

Being a Living Master is not about being Jesus or Buddha or Muhammad or Adamus or any other figure associated with ‘enlightenment’. Being a Living Master is about being YOU on this planet knowing that you are a gift with an important job, no matter what appears to be going on. It’s about surrendering to this moment as a spiritual being having a human experience knowing that we are all doing the best we can with what we have (including the individuals you have made up stories about as asleep or awake or ignorant or evil). It’s about being present to the All That Is as a point of Oneness.

Love and Mung Beans People 🙂