Morning PagesDecember 26, 2014

The Heart of a Leader

Open-hearted, you are interconnected but what does that mean when you are a leader? How do you ‘be with’ when it is your job to speak into existence words and feeling-wisdom that asks you to channel Earth messages? It is an interesting question and it has an even more fascinating reply…

We are brought closer by our uniqueness. Nothing in our constantly shifting configuration of self can take us further from those we share this experience with. And even though there are stories about needing to be a particular way in order to connect and love one another, truly there is only ever this moment. Perfect and privileged to be aware of whatever is occurring for us, in company, this life is a blessed koan.

To ‘be with’ is to be yourself without edges. A linking of ‘I’ to ‘I’ and a meeting of energetic experiences. The words ‘aura’ and ‘energy’ are not quite efficient enough to grasp the expansion I speak of. It happened for me in a little room under the hand of Linda Charlson – a wellness practitioner. A gift from dear friends of mine from the bush.

As I was asked to merge with her aura, Jesus name into my body and I felt the concept of Christ consciousness in an embodied experience. We are no longer being asked to ‘work toward’ something that resembles interconnection; we are being invited to embody the soul as Christ energy to ‘be with’ people, animals, plants, elements, entities, energetic planes of existence, and more.

To ‘be with’ is to TRUST that what we are connecting to is safe to meet from our integrated self. I have been with people my whole life, as a conduit of their intuitive guidance. Now I am being asked to ‘be with’ from a fully embodied soul. It is a subtle difference but it asks me to let energy flow through my hands, to fill the world with my presence, and to share as an interconnectedness (rather than as a vehicle for mirror-delivered information).

This new way of being is what allows me to have CHOICE, something I am not used to and have been turning over in my hands like meditation balls. The ringing prayer of non-thinking question energy is a great meditative state. I do love having a ponderous hum circling me as I move through the world. It fills so much of my space. Space that has felt too vast, too heavy with silent responsibility to be separate. Now there is no space. Instead I see the same web of liquid energy connections I saw at Gramercy in conversation with Jan – a Heart Math and Beyond practitioner.

I miss Jan. I know there is much we will do together. I know she is counsel and playmate in this place. That sacred circle created at Gramercy lives in the now, feeding my heart an interconnectedness that reassures me that there are many ways to know life’s treasure. As a leader, as a Living Master, as a messenger, I Am here to offer a new way of being on the planet. It is a gentle consciousness, a Graceful Surrender and inclusive planetary dynamic steeped in unconditional love.

At first it sounds harsh and unjust. I know, I can feel the anger-fear of taking away dichotomy and judgement. Even though the word ‘justice’ means impartial, objective, neutral – it is still an emotionally charged leap from the ideas that separate us into good-bad, right-wrong, to the ideas that connect as a global family. A family that is motivated by the desire to feel loved.

Nothing is as simple as victim and perpetrator. There is no such thing as an isolated incident. We are all of us bringing our preconceptions with us, and everybody acts on their own sense of reason. I talk about these things in terms of perceptual and cognitive bias in ‘How to BE Medicine’, and there are many other ways of understanding this personal story reality.

Our reason is built on stories about the significance of life’s events. Life’s events are not neutral records of reality as-it-is. They are imbued with all that we feel and want and focus upon. There is no such thing as objectivity, and we are not being asked to attain such a non-human sense of life. We are, instead being asked to embrace this bias and put it to use as a vehicle of self-acceptance, self-determination, and unconditional love.

Our perception, our inescapable bias is a snake eating it’s tail and yet there is something that opens your heart knowing the truth is more than good and bad, right and wrong, noble and weak, compassion and cruelty. Those seeking to be connected, to know Oneness, and to heal the planet are invited to open their hearts in this new way. It is not the only way. It is simply a different language that the Earth seeks to birth so that life can do it’s ‘work’ and live together as a global family at the same time.

Without enemies or outcomes, without right-ways and wrong-doers, without enlightened and 3D brute, or any other system that seeks to divide us into pathological categories – there is an opportunity for unconditional love as a lived experience. Not as a vision for the planet or the result of an effort. Just a way of being.

When you know all the reasons and see the shades of meaning that connect us all together, then it becomes almost impossible to hate. When you remember that your soul motivation is to FEEL LOVED, then there is no other story, and you are FREE to be present in a benevolent universe because life really is happening for you…