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Morning PagesJanuary 14, 2015

There are no Rules

There’s always an exception to the rule. No sense of ‘what is’ can play out across the universe untouched by story.

For example, to say that being inspired is inspiring others is to miss the personal nature of Divine inspiration. Inspiration means to ‘breathe or blow into’ originally in the sense of a divine or supernatural truth or idea.

Sometimes we feel inspired to ‘change’ or ‘escape’ or ‘rescue’ or ‘organise’ life in a particular way. But this is the story we tell after inspiration has been breathed into experience. It’s the way we explain what comes in.

Something comes up to be experienced. We embody it in situ. Then we tell a story about what that means. This story is what we know as reality.

It is not our sense at fault or even our story. For no matter what our experience (or reality) the truth is, we are always on purpose and life is happening for us. The conversation is always about how we feel loved.

No matter what vibration, intention or affirmation, being present to WHAT IS (rather than the reason, the report card or the to-do list) can make our experience effortless.

Effortless is not the goal. It’s not a sign that you’re on the right track or seeing things clearly. Effortlessness is being present to what is as an aspect of the Divine. The Perfect Present Experience and a lot of the work Louise and I do together is focused on how people come to be present to what is as an aspect of the Divine. It is not the only way.

It is the way we have been asked to be on the planet. It is Divine inspiration. Not as a force for change or a way to inspire people or a sense of what’s missing. To be a messenger is to do what you’re told and know there is a reason (but we don’t have access to all the information so we can’t possible be expected to know “why”).

If you want to have that experience over eight weeks and be part of something that won’t make you right, wrong or incomplete, then check it out.