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Morning PagesNovember 13, 2014

Get your facts straight…

It’s Thursday morning.

The idea of boxes and labels keeps coming up.

I’m thinking about all the platforms we link our identity to, that we hold onto so tightly there’s no room for play.

It’s fascinating to think that even love and attraction is set up into teams now. We can’t just explore ourselves in this moment, we need to acknowledge and honour our predilections.

I wonder what it would be like for people to simply be present, no matter what?

What it would be like to know desire in this moment rather than as a sexual orientation or a particular fashion style or a musical preference. I’m not saying sexuality is a whim, on the contrary. I’m saying that we could know ourselves deeply, each moment, and it might appear like a sustained identity, but in essence we would have the freedom to rediscover ourselves in each experience, as it unfolds. As it reveals our response and purpose simultaneously.

Perhaps this is too far for some people to travel. Too present, too uncertain, too much movement for a life to be lived on the ground. And yet, this is the way the universe works. We are moved and moving at all times. Things change constantly. There is no such thing as solid ground for even the densest rock is in a state of motion.

What would it mean to be tied to nothing?

It might mean you could stop fighting to hold onto what you think you are in order to rediscover this experience from whomever you might be now. It might mean you can stop building platforms to be recognised on as “I” in order to dance with whatever’s happening now. Hmmm.

I am reminded of something that came to me yesterday about ‘facts’. That the story dictates just what the facts tell us, not the other way around. For example, if the story tells us woman is less than and the facts are that a woman sleeps for eight hours and a man for six, then the need for extra rest to cope with the demands of life is the sign of a feeble mind. Whereas if the facts are that woman sleeps for six hours and the man for eight, then the facts tells us that a person who uses all their faculties requires more rest than one who has less to work with.

So you see, it is not that facts that determine who we are or how the world sees us… it is the story we garner from those facts.

No matter the facts about who you are, what story are you telling? Who are you allowed to be? What makes you valuable? What makes you beautiful? How do you know you are a gift? And where do you go to for confirmation that your life is on purpose?