Morning PagesJanuary 11, 2015

Intertwined = interconnected

We are not separate particles ping-ponging across the universe, but interwoven fabric that can never truly be divided into strands for the further in you go, the finer the material until all you have is light (and then energy which is all we are – excitations of a field, of a collection of fields that exist simultaneously and somehow manifest as patterns that appear whole and complete in every moment if only you could see them from a particular angle; an angle forever shifting and inviting us to surrender to the beauty of all that is).

Between home and work it is not work that tortures us or home that comforts us. We imagine a transition – a space ripping us from somewhere warm and enticing, and delivering us into the unpleasant. But in fact there is no transition.

We are always where we find ourselves, and more than that we are always where we need to be.

What did Buddha say about happiness? That the key to happiness is to want what you have, not what you don’t have. “But if I already had what I wanted, then what would I go for? What would motivate me and drive my decisions?”

I have had this conversation with clients over and over again. This need for a goal or outcome is the tag that tells us we must be invested for some reason. It is the flag that designates our camp as better or at least distinct from the next camp. It is the reward of certainty that gives us permission to define our experience as unsatisfactory.

What happens when we simply surrender to the truth that we don’t have access to all the information. As spiritual beings having a human experience we have access to exactly what we need so we can be who we are. We can glimpse the truth from time to time – in surrender. But otherwise with our perceptual biases and invisible cultural norms, it is impossible to see what’s going on from a place of Divine reason.

This is what makes life unreasonable – not being able to see the reason.

As we have an experience of Oneness, of calm interconnection and then move back into our schedule wondering how to maintain that sense of surrender, life flips between knowing there’s a reason and wanting the world to be reasonable. The residue of calm interconnection will only last so long before the world loses its sheen and begins to get scratchy again…unless we have a way to LIVE in surrender. Otherwise we have to make time for regular meditation and any practices that help us get back that surrender feeling (for a time).

So, how can we live in surrender? And in surrender to what exactly?

In surrender to interconnection; to Divine Timing; to your Divine Identity; to intuitive guidance; to reading experience as a conversation with the cosmos; to redefining every moment until the story neither right, wrong nor incomplete.

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Morning PagesJuly 15, 2014

The Message

“Good morning!” Except there’s no good, so we say Aloha instead. Fabulous 🙂

The sun is still nuzzling in bed so we can start streaming out consciousness before all the bodies, flesh and mind, thoughts unkind, with acts to unwind begin telling stories of dread. A space to thrill, satisfactions’ still and demanding pouting pose. From here to there with style and flare the master orders “Action!” With a crack of the whip and Tequila sip her image, belief and reaction determine the path of the energy bath we live in but see somehow separate. So I do what I’m told neither humble nor bold each moment in light of the present that gives me a thrill through parcel or bill, regardless I see the reflection of a message so grand it shines like a band of gold from a plane where love is the land, the lore, the plan, the reason, the end, and inflection of a language (un)bound by concepts unsound on a planet restoring its song. Blessed be one. Daughters and sons, gifts of the ‘now’ you belong…

And I ponder the Perfect Present program we spent most of yesterday writing an invitation to attend for. I breathe deep sigh-full questions for clarity around where to push, what to ‘teach’, and what to surrender. For me, it is a simple matter of doing what I have always done. To show somebody else how to find their way, how to be effortless, has been a one-on-one natural part of my life. And now, as I am asked to step onto a ‘stage’ of sorts, I find myself the reluctant and irreverent instrument of a new song (I was going to say ‘messiah’ but it’s not about saving anyone, it’s about bringing in information). There are so many people who would love to be in this position, who would relish in the potential glory. But I am not one of them.

“Please don’t make me the leader!” I hear myself say, and know instantly this is the truth knocking loudly on my door. I know instantly because the reaction itself tells me to listen. So, I listen. And when I leave a gap, the message is clear that I am exactly where I need to be, that I am the messenger, and this is what I am here to do. This is my job. Another sigh-full question for clarity around how to navigate delivering a message without ‘telling’ people what to do, without becoming yet another prescription. Another answer. Stay in your heart space. Stay in that energy of truth and you will always be doing what you need to be doing. Come back to that frequency expansive, whenever things become clouded and you will embody the reassurance you need to be in this moment regardless of the circumstance. So, I leave a gap and surrender (because I can do nothing else).

I surrender because I know the wisdom of these insights are greater than my pleas for comfort or logic or control. I surrender as the Pathfinder of Oneness who has a job in this moment (to surrender) and then stay ‘here’ to do my job – because my job is not a potential future tied to some notion of what a messenger will be doing or might encounter, my job is to be here surrendering to the truth that ‘I am a messenger’ and this is exactly where I need to be. My job is not to hold a vision of my ‘impact’, or to ponder the journey ahead, or to assess the value of what I might or might not do. My job is to be here in my truth, surrendering to this moment.

It’s still dark. Their is a sense that life is warming up again, that soon children will stir from their slumber dizzy from magical dreamscapes. The first car. No birds as yet. Just inky black winter still, beginning to thin and finally burst into the next fractal of existence. Glorious awareness expanding and contracting and contorting as the energy builds, and I tap into a busy ocean of life. Then I become the energetic embodiment of an incessantly moving mother with hands forever wiping noses, packing lunches, putting things back into place. Without ever having been a parent it seems I play that role for all the children on the planet, in the soul level playground – and we are all children of the universe (no matter how old).

Love & Mung Beans people 🙂