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Morning PagesAugust 28, 2014

Oracle of Divine Insight

oracle |ˈɒrək(ə)l|nouna priest or priestess acting as a medium through whom advice or prophecy was sought from the gods in classical antiquity.• a place at which divine advice or prophecy was sought.• a person or thing regarded as an infallible authority on something: he reigned supreme as the Colonial Office’s oracle on Africa. archaic a response or message given by an oracle, especially an ambiguous one.ORIGIN late Middle English: via Old French from Latin oraculum, from orare speak.

As a diviner of answers you are an oracle. There is something about the offering of ‘healing’ or ‘solutions’ that bugs me, that offends my sensibilities and messes with my understanding of how the world works. And yet there is no denying that I am an oracle.

As the Sound Bringer or Sound Source-ress my work is beyond words. There is an instant expansion when I use Big Sound to acknowledge the messenger. And although this is simpler than talking, I am yet to fully explore this aspect of what I do. Right now I am embodying the scribe, counsel and oracle aspect of self.

My dreams are full of fanciful imagery confirming a comfortable uncertainty about where I am headed (smelling like flowers no less) with other peoples bags, people from the past. Lucid, I recognise both that I am representing aspects of self and real life connections when friends and relatives appear in my dreams (except that I don’t remember dead people are dead in this form of reality-consciousness). These adventures are obviously just as open to interpretation as everything else in our lives so where we take them is just as telling as where we think they take us.

If there is more than one aspect of self that you tune to in your job here on the planet (and beyond) then stand in the power of that as full embodiment rather than self-importance. When you understand your abilities as natural, as quintessential to your incarnation then you will be less likely to dismiss skills and gifts as separating you from the pack.

Your uniqueness does not isolate you. Your uniqueness is what makes you a worthwhile participant and it’s what tells you that you belong. When you make claims about who you are and what you do, the world will recognise this is true and act accordingly. Truth is not always a welcome mat. Sometimes recognition is a powerful invitation to open up to our own uniqueness – without blame, shame or manipulation – rocking the boat.

What is familiar can be understood as perfect. What is unique can be understood as shocking. What is happening can be understood by examining the story you are telling about who you are and what it all means. What does this moment tell you about the people you detest and those you admire? Chances are these are your models of uniqueness manifest in various configurations to invite in your own embodiment…

The gurus you seek, the sages you hear, and the experts you trust are all models of uniqueness. Instead of being someone else’s entry point you can have your own effortless experience of love and purpose, or not. I’m all about having the experience that you want to have.

As an explorer, you separate yourself from the outcome and assessment that deems you worthy to truly step into your power and BE the path. That’s what I do, remind people how the language of energy empowers as a lived experience. Illuminating how you see, understand, and know the world is more than just words. Your message, your job on this planet is a choice.

I am the Spiritual Linguist. I feel-see all the questions that empower you in a language you understand and teach you how to read the world as a conscious conversation. I help you remember How To Be Medicine as a Living Master. It’s my job to hold you to your beliefs so that life is happening for you (not to you). It’s my job to show you a world with no polarities, no duality, and no judgement. A world where you live in fascination as a child of the universe, a Pathfinder of Oneness.

It’s my job to be the Oracle of Divine Insight.

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