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Morning PagesJuly 19, 2014

Stand In It…

A big steaming pile of it, and tell me you’re a gift. That’s really what it comes down to. Except it’s not that exactly because when you’re in a big steaming pile of anything, that’s the only reality. You’re not thinking about what it’s called or how it looks. The only thing that’s going on is that this – whatever this is – is happening for you.

People look at me sideways and tell me about their greatest difficulty integrating this ‘idea’ and we start working through each ‘objection’ one by one but here is the thing. These are not ideas and you’re not objecting to anything. There’s a part of you getting loud because you know this is true. You know that in the moment, you feel sensations and have a soul level experience. Before and after are where it gets interesting because this is where (not when, the only when is NOW) you step into expectation and judgement e.g. fear of what might happen and assessment of what you experienced.

I woke up thinking about membership sites and how to deliver this course so that Louise and I can teach people this stuff. So we can be with them in a different way. Different to one-on-one sessions so that we can set a sovereign process for people who want to live from this place. And I think that’s what people want who come to us for ‘guidance’ even though we give them something else – a chance to restore their soul level experience.

And then I think about the fact that it takes time. That even though we don’t believe in layers, we do know that integration is more than flicking a switch. Not because it’s a naturally drawn out process. You could remember all of this stuff in a session and be on your way. But because this is an experience, because this is about all of your experiences from now on (whatever the role or expectations or past priorities), the restoration rocks your world.

Even using the word ‘restoration’ isn’t quite it because nothing is peeled back or rubbed off. You are expanding the picture you see, the place you understand what’s going, from ‘Human cause-and-effect’ to include the soul level. So I guess it’s more of a reality expansion.

Which means you don’t learn it then go back to use it to make money or fix problems because your soul level experience is focused on knowing you are a gift (which is a whole package of real things) and doing your job (or having a meaningful purpose or however you need to frame this aspect of being). So, there is nothing else. Everything you are and everything you do, know, feel, love, desire, and become aware of comes back to these two things – I am a gift, and I have a job.

There are lots of ways to do that, come back, and there are any number of stories that help you stay there, but I guess I’m more interested in teaching people how to think rather than what to think. When you think about each situation in these terms then you take out all the judgement (including positive and highest good), the need to control, the journey to somewhere (other than right here), and you keep passion, meaning, sovereignty, purpose, connection, self-awareness, and whatever else you need to be here as a gift, knowing you have a job…