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Morning PagesJuly 13, 2014


Teach is not the word. It’s something else. I keep thinking about Richard Bach and the way I absorbed what he had to say without truly conceptualising anything (because I live it). And when friends ask me about ‘my story,’ just how frustrated I get (because there is no story).

I’m thinking about how generous those closest to me are with their time, honesty and joy. I’m thinking about the fact that being a Living Master is not about feeling separate and outside of the world, but instead part of all that is. I know that’s a difficult concept to understand and I want to be able to tell you how to experience it for yourself. And yet if I say “do this to know that”, we have lost the point.

You be. That’s it.

There is a way to ‘be’ on an event basis that can bring you into the heart of experience. A way to know yourself as a gift and feel into your job (or purpose) on the planet or in the universe (and multiverse) that asks you to accept you have everything you need. It asks that you see you already get what you want, and this is what makes you sovereign. It asks that you love your job – which is whatever you are ‘told’ to do in each moment that explains your ‘impact’ on the world* – by seeing where it serves you.

I cannot express the fact that there can be no give and take in a sense of the world as one big swirling mass of energy because it it the same long single note you try to understand as separate performances that make life so unfair and confusing. And yet I know that you are always where you need to be doing the best you can with what you have, so when you ask me to show you or ‘help’ you, I take you on a magical mystery tour of how it works for you.

Once I am out there writing and labelling myself as something – Living Master, teacher, knower of things – I step into a new configuration of self that not only requires me to stand in my truth, but asks me to honour my gift. My voice grows louder and more confident as the instructions quiet. There is a particular pounding in my ears I get that asks me to sing because it is the most direct way for me to alchemise. Making noise and taking up space have been the human ‘journey’ for me.

Let me explain, mostly to myself, again, what it means to be born full soul and body. All the abilities, assurances, guidance, direction, knowing, trust, listening, and feeling that you learn as ‘spiritual practice,’ I was born with and allowed as my way of being. Integrating that into a human experience without any conceptual reference or ‘physical’ world [reflection? reinforcement? no that’s not the word… it’s more like harmony] resonant understanding, is my life.

When I say “I can teach you” I mean I live the resonant understanding (that’s my credentials I guess) and when we are ‘talking’ (the conversation is not about words) I can say what you need to hear that makes sense of your experience as [I was going to say ‘holy’] expansive: as both destined and present. Now that I am ‘teaching’ in books and online courses, I am relying on the muses that I encounter everyday (just as you do) to ‘help’ me develop the products.

I could start the conversation through any door and end up in the same place – my message. That means you can be a surgeon with particular ideas and experiences looking for a way to ‘balance’ work-life, and we would start through that door but follow the trail through the same labyrinth until we unravelled all the string between where you are (how you see the world, what questions you ask, what you seek, the nature of your self-assessment, etcetera) and the place where everything makes sense to you – because you remember you are both sovereign and one with the Infinite (however you understand that).

So, what does tho have to do with teaching?

In essence, I do not teach you anything. I do not help or awaken or shift or clear or change anything really because you are a sovereign being experiencing oneness in all of its configurations. You learn as you teach and teach as you learn, so I know there is a word that explains to people who read the book just what it is that I do, but it hasn’t come in yet. So I write. And you read. And together we stand in this space, pondering the sensations of this moment as an invitation to know we are a gift (with a job) and the opportunity to string out our lives like so many postcards.

Appreciate. [Isn’t that what an investment does?] To recognise the full worth of, to be grateful for; to understand (a situation) fully; to rise in value or price. I’m going to have to get clever (wordsmithy, action stations!) with that last part, but ‘appreciate’ is great…

Fascination is closer [I almost wrote ‘better’, I wouldn’t have heard the end of it]. Embodiment and deep listening are the conceptual equivalent, but they take a shared understanding to fully appreciate…

*All this terminology is so inaccurate because there is no cause and effect, and the whatever comes out of my mouth is for me, and vice versa. Maybe that’s why never hear other people, we simply interpret. Cognitive and perceptual biases are so fascinating!

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