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Morning PagesAugust 29, 2014

Reification in the Language of Exchange (part one)

Symbols of wellness are not quite the same as wellness itself. I think we used to look for symbols of what we want and managed to manifest these believing they would somehow bring about a new way of being on the planet. If we brought in a community living in harmony this would spread a virus of peace and cooperation beyond the bounds of our commune, and yet to INTEND such and INFLUENCE or to FOCUS on the EFFECT is to abandon the experience itself.

Symbols of love as consequences are not quite the same as love itself. When you seek to bring about the conditions of love by manifesting a relationship you give the relationship more life than the experience of love. It’s called reification in some circles, the idea of a living ‘thing’ you place outside of yourself as a separate entity to your embodied experience.

This reification is either an ideal or a picture of what usually happens. It keeps you from being in the actual relationship with a person who changes from millisecond to millisecond, just as everything else in the universe does. It feeds some strange cloud of illusion about what is going on and what is meant to be going on, and it takes responsibility away from the individual having the experience.

I say this because of a conversation I had yesterday about RESPONSIBILITY and being in the experience of All That Is (rather than reifying this experience as a relationship with something or someone outside yourself). It’s interesting it comes up today as I sit and ponder the nature of HEALING and what it is I’m here to do. It’s interesting firstly because I believe that life is not an exchange and we are all energy, and secondly because a recording came to me from an energy worker who uses Sacred Geometry to heal water that subsequently heals the body and I’m tuned to the possibility of truth for all things knowing simultaneously that life is not an exchange and we are all energy.

How do you know all things to be true even when they appear to conflict? When you ascribe to the four truths.

I’m not sure if I’ve written about it before and Louise is rushing me off the computer so we can have an early morning meeting with the beautiful Ann White from CCN (where we broadcast our TV show) so perhaps I’m going to stop there and leave this to percolate…