Morning PagesJanuary 12, 2015

Peace on Earth

It’s early. The universe woke me up this time yesterday too. There’s something asking me to write in the cool with crickets to serenade my fingers dancing across the keyboard. So let’s do that…

Peace Offering is a card from the Doreen Virtue Ascended Masters Oracle deck. It talks about the resolution of an argument or misunderstanding where those involved are ‘ready to forgive and forget’. I’m not sure these are the words I would use but then I guess that’s why I’m being asked to write about peace on Earth.

The Oracle goes on to suggest one ‘be open to seeing the other person’s point of view to soften any hard feelings’ which just reminds me of the messages I get around knowing or trusting there’s a reason; that we are all on purpose, doing the best we can with what we have; and every single one of us is motivated by the desire to feel loved aka feeling safe, belonging and having meaning.

‘As you allow compassion into the situation, love’s healing power ensures that everyone’s needs are met harmoniously.’ Since we’re all interconnected there’s no actual healing required but having an experience of compassion, of seeing where the other person is motivated by and subject to their unique Divine experience can change the story we tell about them as well as the way we feel.

This change of Heart is enough to have peace.

‘Leave the details about how this situation will be resolved to the infinite wisdom of Spirit.’ Again, I would not use the word ‘resolve’ and yet this statement of surrender is exactly what we need to further understand the difference between an experience of working toward outcomes and an experience of being present to our purpose in this moment.

Let’s return to the first point – I’m not sure these are the words I would use but then I guess that’s why I’m being asked to write about peace on Earth.

Where I don’t believe in ‘resolution’ or ‘forgiveness’, I do see the way people label experiences in such language and how this need for understanding is integral to another label – struggle. When I say “I don’t believe in” I mean these ideas are outside of my cosmology. I am of the belief that we are interconnected aspects of Spirit, therefore there is no inside-outside, no exchange between separate points, and no discrete experiences.

We have been brought up in the language of exchange (materialist duality) which tells us that we are separate, that things happen to us, and that we can make assessments about what is best according to the information that we have access to. But there is another language – energy.

The language of energy is also known as Oneness, as unity consciousness, and what I call Heart Alchemy (which is both the language and the living, the noun and the verb, the concept and the practice). Within this language, there is no exchange. That means you cannot heal because healing is about fixing something that is not whole and integrated (which is impossible because we are all indivisible from Spirit, always whole, always interconnected). So, if there’s no healing then why do we have sickness?

We don’t. We have an experience that we have labelled sickness. I know, you’re thinking “yeah sure, change the name and we still suffer and die.” But it’s bigger than that.

Pathology is a myth we are beginning to reconsider. Medical research has been asked to integrate some radical ideas over the last few decades, and it’s not just about alternatives for hippies. The study of how and why traditional medical interventions are effective (or not effective) has led researchers to look at pathology in a new way.

For those of you curious about what I mean when I say ‘pathology’, I’m talking about the idea that we can label some things as symptoms of disease or a corruption of optimum health. Pathology looks at a snotty reaction to eating bread as an intolerance, and sets about means of correcting the flaw.

So, if pathology is the labelling of flaws, Western materialist biomedicine is the mechanics of correction or healing.

I use the word mechanics intentionally. Western healing uses a mechanistic or materialist biomedical mythology to inform its practices. In other words, we are seen as biological machines that can be separated into systems (like the nervous system) and organs and functions which medicine measures for imbalances or anomalies. This medical approach then intervenes to correct any pathological flaws.

So what, right? Who cares about how physicians and arbiters of healing view the human body?

We do. When you go to a GP or a specialist or a healer, you are making a decision about how you want your ‘health’ to be understood. Studies into the Placebo Effect have shown that all healing is placebo. That is, germ theory and biomedical science cannot explain the fact that some people respond to medical interventions while others don’t. It cannot explain how simply making an incision into the knee yielded longer lasting results than performing the actual reconstructive knee surgery on the control group. It cannot explain why provision of basic needs is not enough to ensure human survival. And it cannot explain how shamans can remove an inoperable tumour without touching the ‘patient’ or prescribing medication.

It’s not that there is something ‘wrong’ with Western medicine. For those who believe in its powers and practitioners, this style of medicine is going to be effective – that’s the point. If all healing is placebo, then whatever works for you is part of your belief system. And even that is more complicated than the things you have chosen to consciously commit to.

Beliefs are part of our invisible navigation system, not a logical or philosophical theory.

You can tell what you believe by looking at what’s happening in your life right now. For example, if you believe that the pressures of life are eased when you get sick because people feel sorry for you and don’t expect you to do so much or try so hard or be perfect OR perhaps the ease is in a belief that people can’t expect these things of you when you’re sick because it’s unreasonable to ask a sick person to perform at optimum efficiency (even if the reality doesn’t match up), then this belief will manifest in your life. This belief is part of what keeps you safe. It gives you a sense of belonging, and meaning.

All of your beliefs are serving you, they are dishing out what you have dictated as immutable truth and no logic or spoken desire can distract them from their duty.

It’s a big shift in thinking so don’t wrap yourself into knots trying to figure it all out. We are only just beginning to speak energy on this planet and it is so radical an idea that people still expect something to be wrong.

We expect the new idea to replace the old idea because it’s incorrect. We expect the new idea to give us better outcomes because the old one was leading us astray. But here’s the deal.

No matter what you believe, no matter what it looks like is occurring, no matter what story you’re telling about how the world works or who you need to be… there is no right, wrong or incomplete.

No good-bad polarity, no right-wrong judgement, no high-low duality, no better-worse outcomes, no give-take separation, no healthy-sick pathology, no enlightened-ignorant disconnection, no easy-hard control. No levels, no layers, no journey, no growth, no lessons, no cause-and-effect manifestation consciousness. And yet if these things are part of your cosmology, then they are serving you perfectly!

This new way of being on the planet is not about making people wrong or convincing them that there is a better way or that we need to be wary of particular dangers or that opportunities for growth await them. This language of energy, this Heart Alchemy is about focusing on what people need to feel loved.

It’s about knowing we are already interconnected and that connection is impossible to separate out into particles or people that ping-pong into each other. It’s about interpreting every situation as a conversation with the cosmos instead of dividing our experiences into ‘issue; opportunity; work; play; purpose’. It’s about knowing every scenario is new and unique, even when it feels like a ‘pattern’ or ‘cycle’. It’s about tuning to the loudest point with curious surrender knowing whatever bubbles up is here for a reason. It’s about knowing there is always a reason and even when it seems unreasonable to seek the place where you can be with what is.

It’s also about knowing that the ones that are hardest to love are the ones that need love the most. Not because they have been denied or you need to ‘give’ or ‘transmit’ or ‘heal’ or ‘create’ something. Because a focus on what people need to feel loved is a way of life. It changes all the stories you tell about what’s occurring. Instead of ignorance and betrayal and violence, you will see what Spirit sees.

When you see through Spirit’s eyes you will see that your one obligation is to be whatever configuration of crazy the Divine made you without trying to change or fix anything, because by being YOU the world is perfect.

The ‘obstacles’ to being you are many and varied:

  • A sense of wanting life to be different
  • Uncertainty of one’s place
  • Denying permission to simply be
  • Distrust of intuitive guidance
  • Pathologising other people’s behaviours

Again, there are no actual obstacles because whatever is going on is perfect. I use the term to highlight where people FEEL that they fail, not where Spirit sees failure.

Spirit sees only that you are perfectly designed for your mission and that your one obligation is to be you. When you FEEL effortless as you, the world is perfect and you are having an experience of Your Divine Identity – which you already are, nothing to activate or improve. When you FEEL the truth of your intuitive guidance you are having an experience of personal truth. And when you FEEL focused on what people need to feel loved, you are having an experience of life as a conversation with the universe.


See also: January 10 is 13 Oc/Tz’i. Eastern medicine considers that the patient is just as, if not more, responsible for his or her own health. This means having not only the knowledge but the authority to decide how best to heal your body and maintain strong, vibrant health long into the future. Today, harness the psychic energy of Oxlahun to tune into your body and go straight to the core of whatever ails you or needs attention now. Listen to the advice of your doctors and health professionals, especially those in holistic or Eastern medicine, but do your research and make the final decision yourself.

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Morning PagesAugust 02, 2014

Graceful Surrender

I’m so excited, I just secured my new business name ‘Heart Alchemy’ and bought a fabulous domain name to complement some of the work I will be doing. More than that, I finished the first chapter of my book for submission into the Transformational Author Experience writing contest (or at least the latest draft which at the rate I keep adding things to will be its own book soon) and keep getting sent new books to write! It seems the universe is intent upon making me a writer, even the cards I pulled yesterday were pretty transparent.

Once I registered my new business name I decided to put my energy into the cards to see what came up. Mostly I do this after I have made a decision rather than as a means to secure which direction I might go. I asked specifically about Heart Alchemy which is not just my new business name, Heart Alchemy is how I understand what we are all doing on the planet (conscious or not) as spiritual beings having a human experience. For me, rather than manifesting, creating, or learning I see everything as energy. That means there is no exchange between separate objects or entities, and there is certainly no upgrades or evolutionary conversion to one philosophy or way of life.

We are a diverse and dynamic experience of life for a reason. That’s one of the things I keep being asked to write about. So many people are trying so hard to get it right so that they can bring peace and harmony to the planet only to make their own experiences miserable! You have a right to know grace and a responsibility to do your part but this often gets confused with what you see going on in the world. If you could continue your work from a place of graceful surrender the only thing that would change is the way you feel. You would still be an advocate for human rights or the Slow Movement but you would not be crushed by every wave of ‘disappointment’ and ‘suffering’ that came into view.

That’s why I do what I do. Because I care so deeply about your experience of life as you do your job. I don’t want to change you or convert you or tell you what the world should look like. I just want to remind you of how fabulous you are because when you remember that, you are irrepressible! That’s all it takes. A bit of quality time spent demonstrating how important you are so that you can tell all the stories you keep hidden. A bit of reassurance that no matter what you’ve done you are still loveable. A bit of celebration to welcome home all the fabulous aspects of self you were born to embody. And a little permission slip from your soul to do what you love. Anyway, let’s not get too distracted from the excitement at hand 🙂

I ask about Heart Alchemy, pull three cards and check the bottom of the deck for a base note (this one tells me about the river of energy running through and beneath the others). The first is Serapis Bay Go Now! which has come up in the last three readings to tell me the universe is ready. The second is Jesus Open Your Heart to Love which you can read however you like as long as you remember it has the word ‘heart’ in it. The third is St Francis Follow Your Heart with yet another heart. And the Base note is Thoth Write.

Now, there are lots of stories I could tell you about how significant each of these messengers have been throughout my life. Serapis Bey is an Egyptian god, a bridge between Heaven and Earth who functions as a life coach. Not just a motivational speaker leading you to boost your income or call in the love of your life, Serapis shows you how to see all the things you do and all the places you live as a way to care for yourself. He helps you find the extra energy you need to create a holistic life plane (rather than a plan) where all worlds become one.

Jesus, I have studied as a person, a pawn, a prophet, and an energetic that has been created out of all the focused attention humans have pooled over the years. In a reading, for me, he can represent many things. In this reading I feel it is about my connection to him in the caves I see when I am taken back. Caves with hollowed out shelves in the walls with red candle wax. I also feel it is about the calm and surrender his message (or interpretations thereof) seem to bring people. Unlike other wisdoms his words seem to bring energy up from inside a person rather than coat them in serenity. This is a powerful way to love, to speak love into another’s heart and soul from their own knowing.

St Francis has been with me for a long time. He is not so far from Jesus when it comes to style. I fell St Francis brings inner peace rather than love. In the same way Jesus speaks and you know love fem your essence, St Francis lives and you know peace in your heart. He asks you to trust because your heart is the key to knowing all you need to know.

And beneath it all is Thoth the Egyptian god of writing. An aspect of Hermes instructor of the Hermetic principles of alchemy and Divine magic. The originator of written languages and scribe to the gods. If that’s not a celebration of channelling I don’t know what is!

Alchemy is not transformation. Transformation is moulding something into a new shape, like when you tell your story from a different perspective. Alchemy is more than translation, it’s a way to understand the incomparable in one picture without making either wrong or superior. It’s a way to know each has it’s purpose and not to question the value of it’s place in the world. For me, alchemy is about co-existing truths that empower everyone.

Looking at the messengers in this reading I am reminded of quality time, touch, words of affirmation, acts of service, and gifts. You may know these as the languages of love. I see them in the messengers we connect to who allow us to remember ‘I am a gift, I have a place, and no matter what, I am always doing the best I can with what I have’.

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Morning PagesJuly 12, 2014

Virtual Library

I woke up this morning feel-seeing the way my conversation with the cosmos works. Since Louise and I started designing the course, I have wondered why I have a vocabulary for everybody else’s experience bar my own. In psychoanalytic terms you might turn to lack of self-importance or resistance to self-awareness, but you know I don’t believe in ‘resistance’ or any other label that makes you wrong. So, this morning before the sun comes up still rustling the leaves from my dreamscape, I had a feel-see experience of how I communicate.

Anyone who knows my story, knows that life is a conversation with the cosmos.

It’s like being in a library where you just have to feel something to access information. A virtual database that feeds you images, memories, directions, and other paraphernalia as you ponder its existence. Although, it’s not as obvious as a library where you search for a subject and look for a resource. This library is a little more cryptic.

If you decide to use it like a catalogue, it may not work out so well. Because it has been with me my whole life I know what to ask for. It was not the same library when I was younger because it has grown with me, or perhaps my desire to explore it has just changed. Either way, there is more available to you than answers to exam questions and an intuitive GPS.

Unless you see the world as a wave of frequencies, it is difficult to impress just how useful this library can be. You do not need to conjure it up in your mind or actually ask a question (although sometimes that helps). Wherever you are the library is feeding you information. The trick is being able to see and trust what you get. Then you have a relationship that allows you to navigate the information as direction. But until you can decipher what you’re being told, whether it’s for you or about someone else or part of a bigger picture you need to have running in the background, all that information can seem busy to say the least.

Anyway, this wasn’t meant to be a dissertation on how to know your library, it’s a celebration that I have a way to talk about how I feel-see the world.