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Morning PagesDecember 10, 2014

Spiritual Quandry: When to choose between NOW and the Bigger Picture

I open my emails this morning to one guy who wants to teach me a simple 3 step process to discover and share your talents and gifts to the world and to leave a legacy on this planet (which also happens to make me lots of cash); while someone else is offering me the blueprint for your best year ever (also enticingly capable of making me rich); yet another email points out a scientific study showing that most people would rather continue to do something that ISN’T working, rather than try something new that MIGHT work, and risk failing as a taunt to book a session with their rockstar coaching team (who will show me how to make more money); and lastly, a special Guidebook gift to help me get the most out of brand-new, free online seminar event about my transformation!

Whether it’s love, money or time people seem to be selling all manner of methods to acquire more. Except when I reach the Shift Network’s email about Gangaji – Natural Realization: Peacefully Resolving the Tension Between Freedom and Daily Responsibility. Gangaji will guide listeners into the deepest possibility for their lives as they walk the razor’s edge of their divinity and humanity, revealing how to:

> Resist nothing and fully open to all that is arising
> Find refuge in the silence, even in the midst of conflict and miscommunication
> Invite your whole being to surrender at a deeper level than the mind

Freedom is not found outside of commitments and responsibilities but through profound surrender. Non-resistance to life allows us to realize that there is nothing to get and nowhere to go. Everything we are is already here.

That’s rare.

To find someone willing to talk about our experience as already perfect. Not in the comparative way, perfect for your purpose. When the expansion of that idea leads to labels of ‘miscommunication’ and ‘conflict’ I wonder if it is the same kind of perfect that I espouse. With a ‘deeper level’ to be discovered and a sense of ‘resistance’ the appeal of perfection is all but lost.

I get that it’s hard to see life beyond oppositions and better outcomes.

I see that life is presented in a way you can’t help but judge as right and wrong.

What I’m excited about is the fact that no-one else is taking you through the eyes of Spirit – so it must be my job! If no-one else on the planet is talking about Oneness as no polarities, non judgement, no pathology, no control and no separation – then it must be up to me to introduce this crazy new idea.

Think about it for a moment. If Oneness is about no separation, then how can you have an ‘effect’ on someone else? How can you have unconditional love for your fellow beings if you separate the world into right-wrong, enlightened-ignorant, good-bad et cetera?

I like what Gangaji is saying about surrender and the idea that we are seeking a way to peacefully resolve the tension between freedom and daily responsibility. Divided priorities will always lead us into a space of uncertainty where we question our purpose. I know this because I also know there’s something else going on.

Because I Am not capable of seeing anything outside of the perfection of the Divine, I Am exactly where I need to be at all times (even when I don’t know why). For me, there is no ‘waiting’ or ‘better outcome’ because I can see what Spirit tells me – life is happening for me.

Even all the things you believe to be ‘obstacles’ of ‘evil’ are still manifestations of the Divine. We are coming into an age where more and more people want to feel their connection to the Divine directly. People want to see the world through Spirit’s eyes so they can make sense of life from a place of Inner Peace. It’s your Divine Identity that allows you to experience each moment on Earth directly through Spirit.

That’s what I’m called to do. Speak the words, sing the sounds and hear the messages that allow you to see yourself as directly connected. Once you know yourself as an aspect of the Divine, it’s up to you how to proceed – as a separate human being or in Oneness. Either way you are always on purpose, always an aspect of the Divine, and perfectly designed for your mission.

If you decide to experience life as a point of Oneness, then I will stand with you in that too. Whatever you decide is perfect. Life is a unique and sacred experience. If you’re looking for something that doesn’t make you wrong; if you’re open to new ideas about how we operate on this planet, then trust your intuitive guidance and make a connection…

Melanie Brockwell – Living Master of Heart Alchemy

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