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Morning PagesSeptember 06, 2014


I dream about spiders. Some of that must be because I love them. They fascinate me. Gorgeous, unique and mysterious, what’s not to love?

Dreams are important to me too. They are insightful adventures and so much more. I dream in multiple ways on many layers in various languages. The spider dreams wake up loud with the call of spiritual task.

Spider Woman is significant to the Hopi, Navajo, and Keresan Native American tribes as well as Greco-Roman, Celtic, West Africa, and Gypsy clans. I feel a strong connection to all of these mythologies. Not just as a student of stories and perception but as a Spiritual Linguist.

There are things that can only be known from inner truth, that sense of being present to the messages you receive about something or someone in your consciousness. No flash of light or apparition tells you it is so, for an inner truth is more akin to the workings of memory. You know innately, as if you have always known and it becomes clearer as you relax into the memory.

This is different to empathic memory where you feel and see the experiences of someone else. Empathy is often vivid and disturbing especially your first episodes, whereas cultural-spiritual truth-memory is clear, expansive and mystical. It feels empowering, as if you tap into a magical part of yourself and the abilities that aspect wields.

Spiders remind me of a witch-like aspect who provides pagan medicine with a twist of magic, but there’s more. I see her look to the left, deep into time. Still and open to the knowing that resides there. An aspect that listens, imagine that. Sometimes it seems that’s all I do, listen.

This life, I have been given specific instructions. If you are drawn to the non-judgemental eclectic work I do, that probably means you are too. Given instructions, that is. We admire and despise ourselves when we meet our aspects in the world. It’s a great clue to deciphering what’s really going on. The people who really frustrate or annoy us are loudest because they have something for us. A message, an invitation to be present to your purpose.

But I digress.

The Spider is a weaver. It has variously brought light into the world and assisted fate’s path with charms and tools for the traveller. I feel this part of my role quite strongly. There is also dragon, bear, bird, angel, and other aspects to my purpose. Aspects that play just as great significance. The Spider is what gifts the individuals their ‘feeling loved’, their knowing purpose and finding meaning. The Spider is what ties the petals of life together and helps me re-write the story as an eclectic interconnected picture of how we think that we know what we know.

I also see a web of hollows between things where the gel fills in our consciousness. I know it has something to do with the Spider aspect. I know it feels like a vision of what is to come even though I sense it has been waiting for me. A picture available and yet not in focus until I tune to the station. There is nothing for me to do around ‘seeing’ or remembering except dreaming and deep listening. It is not a journey to something more sacred or purposeful in the future of now. It is a sharing of focus and colours and scent familiar and recognised by those who tune to their own lives as aspects of sacred and powerful memory as instruction.

I know there is a reason for the messages, for memory and dreams. I know that you long to decipher your life and all the indications to do what you came here to do. That is for the Spider to tell. The beauty of the Spider, for me, is that each person who comes for a session or drops into my life for a conversation is met with the sanctity of their own lineage. I do not need to interpret their picture through my own since I am connected to all stories as my own. That means I can be with your truth without comparison or fear. I love that. It feels whole and precious and magical. Each time someone opens up to me we go on an adventure into their web of being – past, present, future, and beyond linear time – and see the universe anew. It is a gift.

Soon I will write about tying the worlds’ stories together. For now I encourage you to check out Mark Nepo’s ‘Seven Thousand Ways to Listen’ if you are curious about the nature of perception as a memory, in a dream as this moment. I am also being told to mention ‘Women Who Run With Wolves’ by Clarissa Pinkola Estés. I did not think I would like it. I assumed it was a women are victims kinda story. It’s not…

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