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Morning PagesNovember 15, 2014


You don’t have to come from a crap situation to appreciate what you’ve got, and you certainly don’t have to keep acquiring the next level of comfort or indulgence to be grateful. When I woke up this morning I thought about Gramercy Mansion. Louise and I went last year to stay with a group of Ancient Philosophers for five days. Each of us had an amazing room within a labyrinth of levels and exotic pieces littered throughout the halls. It was spectacular.

When I wake up in the now, I can still feel the ambience of Gramercy in my life. I don’t need to buy a new bed or rearrange my lounge room. I just need to feel the wave that comes through me and know it lives here, regardless. There is nothing to sustain or bring back into reality, I’m already feeling the magic of that experience. Because it is the experience that I am tuned to, the essence of a place is not the position it is the experience that YOU have.

Although you cannot deny the power of some locations, or the sensory reality of particular entities, the attachment to and reminiscence of a place is largely about YOUR perception. Memory and desire (past and future) are a form of contrast. What you no longer have and what you have yet to experience (again) is felt as yearning or desire and lack. It is also possible in the now as wonder, curiosity, and fondness.

It is not uncommon to recall experiences in the now. It is how you decipher these recollections that tells you whether they are a yearning for something unseen or living this experience with the flavour of bygone joys. Again, contrast is unnecessary.

I know when I read about evolution and the nature of social change being driven by competition and a level of unbearable distress, there is some part of me that says “NO!” We are capable of understanding life in another way. We are not driven by competition but by co-operation. Even the pioneers of biological evolution, like Lemarck, will tell you that life is interconnected and it’s driving force is an ‘instructive, cooperative interaction among organisms and their environment’ (Lipton 2005). This cooperation enables life to ‘survive and evolve in a dynamic world’ where there is no true other. We are all in this together.

Cells need each other. People need each other. Trees need each other. And all of the relationships each of these systems is connected to is reliant upon every other system on and off the planet. It’s not just about preservation, it’s about evolution. We are in this moment as a team all parts and whole. There is no other, there is no enemy, there is no ultimate goal we are waiting for in order to know ourselves and each other as perfect. This is it!

We are the I Am, perfect and exploring in this moment. Driven and delving in this experience as an expression of All That Is. Evolution is not going somewhere, it is here in the now. It is asking you to be present, to follow your intuition, and to know that you are perfectly designed for your mission.

You don’t have to wake up in the morning thinking about what’s crap in the world to motivate yourself to do your job on the planet. This is contrast. There is no contrast. There is only this moment as a gift with an important job. In this moment, you do what you’re told (follow your intuitive guidance) for its own sake because you’re part of a team – the All That Is!

When you wake up in the morning you can breathe the ambience of any moment and listen for direction, for the loudest aspect of yourself or your experience, and then follow the white rabbit all day long. This is graceful surrender. It doesn’t look graceful, and it doesn’t always make sense to your busy, logical mind obsessed with finding reason and outcomes BUT it certainly keeps you on purpose… which is where you want to be, right?