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Morning PagesNovember 14, 2014

Pathology and Oneness

Last night I had a dream about poisonous jelly fish, or at least they were meant to be. I didn’t have any ill effects except on my right side around my ovary. The rest of the stings simply washed off. So I search for the significance of the right ovary and find Dr. Northrup mentioned in a blog about ovarian cysts. Reading the article I realise two things.

1) The story that Dr. Northrup and Louise Hay tell about the body as a vehicle of self-awareness feels true. The ovaries are our seat of creative power in the world and our thoughts and feelings are linked to our bodies through our endocrine, nervous and immune systems.

2) There is no need to pathologise this awareness.

We can know this story as true just as easily bypassing the ‘blocked energy’ and ‘unexpressed emotion’ idea (which makes you or somebody else wrong) and going straight to life as an intuitive conversation.

My ovaries are lighting up or getting loud and asking me to pay attention. What am I being asked to pay attention to?

If I was standing in the middle of the tribe being acknowledged for my power, my place, my purpose, what would the message be?

This is your affirmation!

The universe does not want to communicate in pathologies, it wants to highlight experiences that remind you of what matters. Your ovaries are creativity and cycles of emotional expression. Celebrate them! There is nothing ‘wrong’, you are simply being asked to become aware. This awareness does not have to be fixed.

If the current story says you are ‘working too much’ then how can you know this without making yourself wrong, without having to change or heal some part of yourself? When you make yourself wrong, there is no room to nuzzle in and get to know the real, naked you. All of the aspects that emerge to represent you are either shut down or remodelled into something more appropriate. “You” get lost and buried under all that remodelling.

I know it seems counter-intuitive. “How can my aggression be good for me?” you ask. “How can it be appropriate to laze around all weekend eating and ignoring everybody else’s needs?” It’s not that simple. You’re not being asked to keep a tight ship OR run amok. You’re being asked to pay attention in a particular way, in a way that reminds you of your power, your place, and your purpose.

There are a million ways to be aware of what’s happening. How can you be aware of what’s happening for you, rather than to you? This is the difference between pathology and whatever you want to call the things I do. Heart Alchemy, Living Fusion, Oneness, being a Living Master…

It doesn’t matter what label you put on it. What matters is that you see all things as part of the conversation. As part of the conversation you can act from a place that reminds you of your power, your place, and your purpose. From this place you take responsibility for your reaction to the world and know that it is an invitation to be present on purpose. When you are present on purpose you are not making yourself or anybody else wrong and the universe is forever giving you intuitive guidance. When you follow said guidance, you are in the moment. When you are not following said guidance you are making up a story about what’s happening to you. Simple.

The pathology story leads you to better health and a happier life. The Oneness story is here, right now. No future, no past, no outcome, just presence. The intuitive guidance you follow (or not) is in the moment, not connected to a story about you getting what you want or making the world different. Life in this moment is in service to All That Is with full surrender to the fact that you are a gift with an important job. Coming back to this fact allows you to be present without needing any other confirmation, proof, outcome, reassurance, or signal that life is happening for you and the universe is always in perfect balance.

You know we are all doing the best we can with what we have and when you are asked to start a business or talk to the man at the bus stop or be still when your schedule is so tight there’s no room for toilet breaks… then you do what you’re told because you know the only thing that matters is that you are a gift with an important job (and the universe knows what you need to pay attention to).