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Morning PagesNovember 05, 2014

What Source Is That?

People seem to be obsessed with the source of things, which bemuses me slightly since we are primarily an experiential universe. I wonder about the questions people ask when they’re walking around in the world. I wonder because when I have clients that tell me what’s happening for them, it reveals the very questions they are asking are where their perception and interpretation of the world is focused.

I say ‘wonder’ and not ‘worry’ because I no longer worry what people are doing-feeling any more than I take responsibility for their choices (or for their mission and purpose). I used to think it was up to me ‘help’ them see what was really going on. Then something changed. Something always changes. Change is our only constant.

Throughout my life, I appear to be doing something in a different way and yet I am always doing my job, no matter what. Whether I believe I am ‘helping’ or not. Whether I am ‘trying’ or not. Whatever I am doing, is my job. How that manifests, how I experience it is another matter altogether.

Hmm. “How does that work again,” you ask? More interesting is the question, “how can I feel at home doing my job?”

This is the running theme at the moment. People are caught up in Galactic Portals and Mercury in Retrograde, and life is throwing them cycles of information that feel like inescapable torture; punishment for not seeing what needs to be done to avoid such discomforts (which are just variations on life’s general trajectory). Guess what?

Think entanglement.

I woke up early to read about it again. Something compels me to come back to it – the quantum physics version – every now and then. This morning it was after an unlikely dream. Another one. This one just as cryptic and yet revealing as the last. The last was about ‘blue star’ which reminded me who-what-where I am connected to. The latest one was about fertility, medical intuition, getting your feet wet, and not knowing how to explain something new. Specifically, a pregnancy, thanks to a musician I admired (who was already married). A man I did not have sex with and yet could only see his face, once I knew I was with child. A wife, who I had sensed medical information for – one miscarriage as the other twin survived in her whom. A house, barred from the general tribe of admirers but somehow accessible to me. A house that came to be shared with others, rooms popping into existence and made available as those in need of space appeared and requested shelter. A dream about entanglement.

You see, entanglement is the Quantum Map idea I have about the universe that allows everything to be perfect at each moment rather than moving toward something more harmonious or cohesive. Entanglement is the idea that on the larger scale – the All That Is – everything is in a state of zero entropy (disorder); and on the smallest scale, life is in a constant state of change. In each moment new configurations of ‘what is’ come into existence and are entangled with the rest of the system until its unique “pure state” is correlated with the rest of the particles losing their individual autonomy in favour of a collective state.

If you have never read about quantum mechanics this might seem a bit technical, but really it’s not that complicated. Basically, the nature of All That Is (which our reality and our lives are made of) cannot be out of balance. It’s impossible for life to be unfair or corrupted by good or bad, right or wrong, positive or negative. We are the collective state. The collective state is not something we bring about by making everyone think positive thoughts or do positive things. The collective state is already in harmony.

We can choose what to do on the individual level. As particles yet to be entangled, we can surrender to the pure state of uncertainty. Then as entangled particles in a state of equilibrium, we can be present to the collective state. At no point do we really stop changing for the arrow of time continues to bring in new pure states for us to consider. That means life is an improvisation and there are no rules!

We walk into each room a new person, a new set of information, a new connection to the collective state. You are not the person you were 10 minutes ago and you cannot be held to the ideas that made sense then. This is now, and what makes sense in the now is nothing you have ever experienced before. To be truly in the moment, you know there is everything to learn and nothing to judge since experience is king.

In the now, you are present to the questions you are asking as a means of welcoming and sitting in a particular energetic (rather than a way to find answers). There are no answers, there is only the energetic of experience. The meanings you attribute and the stories you tell are another means of welcoming and sitting in an energetic. What meanings are you tuned to? What stories are you telling? What energetic are you inviting in?

These are the nature of your experience and they have nothing to do with knowing the source of your ‘distress’ or ‘enlightenment’ because when you look to the past or the future then you cannot be present. Your story about how the world began is important to you and so is the reason for your emotional state or financial struggle or romantic poverty or whatever else you are desperate to ‘solve’… and yet the search for answers, for certainty, for clarity is keeping you focused on what’s not happening.

What’s happening for you right now? What do you have? Where are you living? Who are you connected to? When do you know courage and calm? These are the questions that keep you present. When you start searching for things that aren’t here, you neglect the things that are here. And if it’s dire straights you’re in, and you can’t focus for all the noise, then perhaps it’s time to leave. Sometimes noise is an invitation to walk into another room, to take a stroll, to close your eyes, to take a nap, to find a tree and sit for no reason except to be with yourself outside the noise. There is no test asking you to endure the noise and push on through the snow and fight the urge to rest.

Stop. Breathe. Know the magic of now. Operate from one point, as a healer or a teacher or a muse… in all situations. As a healer employed as a teacher you are always a healer. When you give yourself permission to come from that place at all times then things make sense. When you know you are a healer employed on the planet as a teacher who tries to separate those things (to be a good teacher rather than a full time healer) then life does not make sense because you are living in two worlds with multiple languages asking how to be a good teacher, a good mother, a good wife, a good passenger, a good friend, a good student, instead of the one question that really brings you back into your power – how can I be me, right now?

What are you being asked to feel, to do, to know, to say, to ask, to see, to share, to ponder, to acknowledge, to make space for? These are the things that will get you through the day. These are the things that allow you to be tuned to your own purpose and know exactly what needs to be done (or not done) in every situation. By tuning to your own presence you are tuned to what everybody needs. In order to stay strong you may need a few tricks to keep you from temptation. You may be tempted to get it right, to appear competent, to say “yes”, to push through, to be something that looks like you but doesn’t feel like you. These temptations are strong. They are part of how you have operated up until now and they have worked to keep your picture of the world intact.

These rules and submissions are not a flaw, they are your commitments. If you would like to know how to have a new relationships with your commitments, you can contact me about the ebook Louise Moriarty and I are working on. I’d love to send you our first chapter. Otherwise, just start with the understanding that whatever you are committed to is serving you. Nothing needs to change. Once you acknowledge that making yourself wrong is not helping, then you can begin to use other methods to understand who you are and how you are using meaning, ideas, rules, assessments, and other guidelines to simplify your life – even when they appear to be causing chaos!