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Morning PagesJuly 14, 2014

Tribal Law

Last night I had a dreamscape in which a family moved to a small concrete village paradise with families they did not know but were connected to by clan. I was a ring-in, so to speak. Adopted and more than welcome, I would shift form from me, as you know now, to a small female islander child. I remember standing on the steps looking down over the flooded courtyard up to my knees, holding on with my left hand closing my eyes and spinning slowly to my left in circles, singing.

There were other dreamscapes about family too. Drunken philanderous father in a multilevel club with accommodation on-site. His new wife was unhappy but turned a blind eye to his flirtatious behaviour. I was an adult child and yet still so close that I stayed with them sometimes. The room was cluttered, split level, and dingy.

I think I was studying – in both dreams. In the first I was at school as a young person, and in the second at school as an older person (somehow not subject to the same age restrictions as other people). When each person represents me in some way, I listen to messages about drunken parents and tribal law. Who knows where this will take me?

My first instinct is to say that detox is required, that coffee and sugar are intoxicating my body as my spiritual creative aspect sits by sombre and powerless to change his ways. I just had a flash of the third dreamscape in a supermarket – desire! I remember light blue writing and something in a specials bin my partner couldn’t see the benefit of buying, so I had to decide if I wanted it enough to get it just for me. Oooh!

Fabulous. I do love these adventures between the sheets.