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Morning PagesJuly 21, 2014

Who Am I?

Started reading a book my mother-in-law lent me last night, a book I thought would be yet another example of the old world paradigm I am here to add something to. Then I started to notice that along with the insistence on ‘negative’ and ‘enlightenment’ there was also the message that comes out of me – how is this serving you?

The book is Live Your Divinity by Adamus Saint-Germain channelled through Geoffrey & Linda Hoppe. I’ve not read their stuff before – I tend to do my own ‘channelling’ and get the same message minus the duality – so it’s a whole new world in some ways, except Saint Germain is one of my ‘helpers’. I’m not sure how to explain how I ‘know’ these entities, but I was first associated with him around 2010 even though he has probably been with me for longer because, as you know, I don’t see things in quite the same way as other seers.

Anyway, this is not a pissing contest. I am just building a picture of why this book is significant.

So, I get up this morning, come into the office and ask about who I channel by pulling three cards from Doreen Virtue’s Ascended Master pack plus a base card for an overview of the situation. Here’s what happened:

1) Merlin, Hermes Trismegistus teacher of esoteric wisdom. Merlin helps spiritual teachers and healers focus their energies (it says ‘in beneficial ways’ but we can translate that as ‘from their soul level experience’ for our purposes).

2) Quan Yin Let go of struggle, pushing or forcing things to happen (manifestation and control). Quan Yin goddess of compassion stayed to help all humans ‘become enlightened’ (again, we can translate that as embodying their soul level experience’) Helps with forgiveness, compassion, and to have needs met in gentle and loving ways (which makes my head spin because the whole Perfect Present program is really about understanding your needs are being met and you can navigate those needs/wants in conscious ways once you acknowledge and give thanks for everything turning out the way you alchemised). Plus she answers all prayers. The nature of what I do is deep listening where I decipher what your system has set up and maintained as a means to feeling loved from the human experience so that you can expand your awareness to a soul level with full self-acceptance as a gift who happens to have an important part to play.

3) Avalokitesvara a pathway to peace by considering other people’s points of view. Okay, at this point my mind exploded. So, I have activists in my life who just can’t let go of ‘peace on Earth’ as their prime motivator even when they know Love is the greatest force and they have no control and all they need to do is know they are a gift with a job, blah blah blah. So when I read ‘pathway to peace’ I know two things – a) the Pathfinder of Oneness thing that keeps coming through for me is vital to the b) the essence of peace as being able to understand other people’s motivations (which in the program is all about everyone doing what they can with what they have to feel loved!) But is doesn’t end there. You do not have to agree, you just have to understand their motivations and have compassion for their feelings (that’s two compassions and I know for me the nature of compassion is about focusing on empowering people which can only be done when you’re focused on what they need, on how they learn, and the nature of Divine Timing beyond your ken and control). It goes on, this process can shift the energy of power struggles much like ‘letting go of a rope in tug-of-war’ No enemies, no hierarchy, no polarities, no duality… ‘As you see the other person’s point of view, you open the door for creative solutions’ and even though we don’t believe in ‘solutions’ because that requires us to have ‘problems’ we do understand the nature of creativity as central to the process of finding where you need to stand to see how even this empowers you.

On top of all that Avalokitesvara is the male energy of Quan Yin who also postponed ascension and hears all prayers.

And the base card?

Detach From Drama Pallas Athena, a goddess of wisdom a war goddess who uses wisdom instead of weapons. She helps you find your way out of the story, to view it more as a movie with compassion for everyone involved and faith that their will be a resolution. My job on this planet is tied to this most of all, to helping people remember their soul level experience beyond the drama of human story. An expansion rather than an enlightenment or correction or advanced version of who you are, I can show you how to see and be in the world as your soul knows it.

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