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Graceful Surrender

I’m so excited, I just secured my new business name ‘Heart Alchemy’ and bought a fabulous domain name to complement some of the work I will be doing. More than that, I finished the first chapter of my book for submission into the Transformational Author Experience writing contest (or at least the latest draft which at the rate I keep adding things to will be its own book soon) and keep getting sent new books to write! It seems the universe is intent upon making me a writer, even the cards I pulled yesterday were pretty transparent.

Once I registered my new business name I decided to put my energy into the cards to see what came up. Mostly I do this after I have made a decision rather than as a means to secure which direction I might go. I asked specifically about Heart Alchemy which is not just my new business name, Heart Alchemy is how I understand what we are all doing on the planet (conscious or not) as spiritual beings having a human experience. For me, rather than manifesting, creating, or learning I see everything as energy. That means there is no exchange between separate objects or entities, and there is certainly no upgrades or evolutionary conversion to one philosophy or way of life.

We are a diverse and dynamic experience of life for a reason. That’s one of the things I keep being asked to write about. So many people are trying so hard to get it right so that they can bring peace and harmony to the planet only to make their own experiences miserable! You have a right to know grace and a responsibility to do your part but this often gets confused with what you see going on in the world. If you could continue your work from a place of graceful surrender the only thing that would change is the way you feel. You would still be an advocate for human rights or the Slow Movement but you would not be crushed by every wave of ‘disappointment’ and ‘suffering’ that came into view.

That’s why I do what I do. Because I care so deeply about your experience of life as you do your job. I don’t want to change you or convert you or tell you what the world should look like. I just want to remind you of how fabulous you are because when you remember that, you are irrepressible! That’s all it takes. A bit of quality time spent demonstrating how important you are so that you can tell all the stories you keep hidden. A bit of reassurance that no matter what you’ve done you are still loveable. A bit of celebration to welcome home all the fabulous aspects of self you were born to embody. And a little permission slip from your soul to do what you love. Anyway, let’s not get too distracted from the excitement at hand 🙂

I ask about Heart Alchemy, pull three cards and check the bottom of the deck for a base note (this one tells me about the river of energy running through and beneath the others). The first is Serapis Bay Go Now! which has come up in the last three readings to tell me the universe is ready. The second is Jesus Open Your Heart to Love which you can read however you like as long as you remember it has the word ‘heart’ in it. The third is St Francis Follow Your Heart with yet another heart. And the Base note is Thoth Write.

Now, there are lots of stories I could tell you about how significant each of these messengers have been throughout my life. Serapis Bey is an Egyptian god, a bridge between Heaven and Earth who functions as a life coach. Not just a motivational speaker leading you to boost your income or call in the love of your life, Serapis shows you how to see all the things you do and all the places you live as a way to care for yourself. He helps you find the extra energy you need to create a holistic life plane (rather than a plan) where all worlds become one.

Jesus, I have studied as a person, a pawn, a prophet, and an energetic that has been created out of all the focused attention humans have pooled over the years. In a reading, for me, he can represent many things. In this reading I feel it is about my connection to him in the caves I see when I am taken back. Caves with hollowed out shelves in the walls with red candle wax. I also feel it is about the calm and surrender his message (or interpretations thereof) seem to bring people. Unlike other wisdoms his words seem to bring energy up from inside a person rather than coat them in serenity. This is a powerful way to love, to speak love into another’s heart and soul from their own knowing.

St Francis has been with me for a long time. He is not so far from Jesus when it comes to style. I fell St Francis brings inner peace rather than love. In the same way Jesus speaks and you know love fem your essence, St Francis lives and you know peace in your heart. He asks you to trust because your heart is the key to knowing all you need to know.

And beneath it all is Thoth the Egyptian god of writing. An aspect of Hermes instructor of the Hermetic principles of alchemy and Divine magic. The originator of written languages and scribe to the gods. If that’s not a celebration of channelling I don’t know what is!

Alchemy is not transformation. Transformation is moulding something into a new shape, like when you tell your story from a different perspective. Alchemy is more than translation, it’s a way to understand the incomparable in one picture without making either wrong or superior. It’s a way to know each has it’s purpose and not to question the value of it’s place in the world. For me, alchemy is about co-existing truths that empower everyone.

Looking at the messengers in this reading I am reminded of quality time, touch, words of affirmation, acts of service, and gifts. You may know these as the languages of love. I see them in the messengers we connect to who allow us to remember ‘I am a gift, I have a place, and no matter what, I am always doing the best I can with what I have’.

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