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  • Mar 19. 2015 Morning Pages I call it Heart Alchemy

    Love, for me, is not about the rules I make for other people. Love, for me, is the things I want for them – which is whatever they want for themselves. After all, it is not for me to say how you might find happiness or even if you should seek it. As a lover, it is my place to simply be. And as I explore that lover’s place, that dancing ribbon of energy forever moving to catch the light, I also see you!

  • Mar 18. 2015 Seek and ye shall find…

    I did not find what I sought today, I utterly failed in every way. No money did I make. No titles did I win. Just spinning tyres digging…

  • Feb 04. 2015 Morning Pages Wherever you get your story from, you live your life from.

    All your life the story has been telling you to look for trouble, to see the problem as motivation and to divide the world into good and bad. This is perfect. Keep doing this if you feel like it’s working. Keep seeing what needs fixing and go into that place as an agent of change. Keep assessing yourself as on purpose or off track, and keep living by the story that something has to be wrong in order for me to pay attention…

    Until you feel the pull to do something differently.

  • Jan 20. 2015 What if there is no problem?

    This morning I went through my emails and unsubscribed to all the people who talk to me about my ‘problems’ – because I don’t have any. It’s not…

  • Jan 14. 2015 Morning Pages There are no Rules

    No matter what vibration, intention or affirmation, being present to WHAT IS (rather than the reason, the report card or the to-do list) can make our experience effortless.

    Effortless is not the goal. It’s not a sign that you’re on the right track or seeing things clearly. Effortlessness is being present to what is as an aspect of the Divine.

  • Jan 12. 2015 , , , Peace on Earth

    Since we’re all interconnected there’s no actual healing required but having an experience of compassion, of seeing where the other person is motivated by and subject to their unique Divine experience can change the story we tell about them as well as the way we feel.

  • Jan 11. 2015 Morning Pages Intertwined = interconnected

    This need for a goal or outcome is the tag that tells us we must be invested for some reason. It is the flag that designates our camp as better or at least distinct from the next camp. It is the reward of certainty that gives us permission to define our experience as unsatisfactory.

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