Morning PagesJanuary 04, 2015

Awareness and Meditation

Reading the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, I am contemplating the wisdom of ‘awareness’ portrayed as a three pronged process. First the word or sound (including thought), then the wave in your Chitta representing the idea or meaning of the sound, and finally after the waves dies, knowledge.

I am also pondering spider medicine-wisdom. Something about the web of connection and the concept of tangle in our modern conversation around ‘enlightenment’ or ‘clarity’ is still steeped in pathology. We seek to untangle ourselves, our minds, and our intention or focus from that which no longer serves, in order to fix or heal or make pure. All of these ideas are in duality. They separate ‘us’ from ‘ideal’ and in the process, ask us to see ourselves as incomplete, as imperfect – somehow as a flawed piece of the harmonious and balanced whole that is the Infinite.

Perfection is not an outcome. It is our natural state. Whether we are living in Divinity or contemplating suicide, there is something innately and immutably perfect about where we are right now. No human or social or spiritual concept of what is best can take away from that fact.

No Angel ever told me that we need to do better. No Ascended Master ever communicated a chastise or rebuke. We are loved and supported and encouraged to live a full-bodied experience including the whole gamut of emotions and possible adventures. Our sense of what is ‘right’ only serves to separate us. Whatever else is going on, there is an opportunity to be inter-connected and this is why we are here together right now on this planet attempting to put structures in place that foster global harmony.

Until now we have not had a language to bring everyone together into one family. All of our ideologies have been steeped in duality and judgement. If we want to work together, we need a new mythology. If we want to be inclusive and compassionate, then we need a new way of being on the planet with each other, with ourselves. This is why I work with Louise Moriarty to create projects that support the people who have a vision for humanity.

This new language, this new mythology is what is needed to birth a new cosmology – that is, a new way of understanding ourselves and one another that informs us how to live together¬†on the planet. This is Heart Alchemy…

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