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We are fast abandoning un/conventional dichotomies in favour of new expectations – to honour, privilege and account for all cosmologies equally.

Of particular intrigue are the repercussions for training and coursework. For in order to avail oneself of new horizons of not-knowledge and not-being, one does not simply suspend their knowledge assumptions. One encounters a process of un/knowing…

cosmological un/knowing

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[process_box title=”IN PROCESS” title_abv_txt=”the shape of things” process_heading_1=”ORIGAMI” process_text_1=”Enfolded, the in.visible becomes a natural ongoing phenomenon.” process_icon_1=”ion-paper-airplane” process_heading_2=”RHIZOANALYSIS” process_text_2=”While the tree-hierarchy labels, rhizoanalysis yields to the real.” process_icon_2=”ion-ios-flame” process_heading_3=”KALEIDOSCOPE” process_text_3=”With each moment a new configuration of all that is presents itself” process_icon_3=”ion-ios-snowy” process_heading_4=”LEMNISCATE” process_text_4=”Rather than cycling or evolving, the lemniscate operates in perpetual harmony.” process_icon_4=”ion-ios-infinite” center_img=”318″ bottom_background_img=”1999″ color=”#d9d6d4″ top_background_img=”1993″]
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