Morning PagesJuly 12, 2014

Virtual Library

I woke up this morning feel-seeing the way my conversation with the cosmos works. Since Louise and I started designing the course, I have wondered why I have a vocabulary for everybody else’s experience bar my own. In psychoanalytic terms you might turn to lack of self-importance or resistance to self-awareness, but you know I don’t believe in ‘resistance’ or any other label that makes you wrong. So, this morning before the sun comes up still rustling the leaves from my dreamscape, I had a feel-see experience of how I communicate.

Anyone who knows my story, knows that life is a conversation with the cosmos.

It’s like being in a library where you just have to feel something to access information. A virtual database that feeds you images, memories, directions, and other paraphernalia as you ponder its existence. Although, it’s not as obvious as a library where you search for a subject and look for a resource. This library is a little more cryptic.

If you decide to use it like a catalogue, it may not work out so well. Because it has been with me my whole life I know what to ask for. It was not the same library when I was younger because it has grown with me, or perhaps my desire to explore it has just changed. Either way, there is more available to you than answers to exam questions and an intuitive GPS.

Unless you see the world as a wave of frequencies, it is difficult to impress just how useful this library can be. You do not need to conjure it up in your mind or actually ask a question (although sometimes that helps). Wherever you are the library is feeding you information. The trick is being able to see and trust what you get. Then you have a relationship that allows you to navigate the information as direction. But until you can decipher what you’re being told, whether it’s for you or about someone else or part of a bigger picture you need to have running in the background, all that information can seem busy to say the least.

Anyway, this wasn’t meant to be a dissertation on how to know your library, it’s a celebration that I have a way to talk about how I feel-see the world.