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Untethered and riding the crest of the moment...

Awareness and Meditation

No Angel ever told me that we need to do better. No Ascended Master ever communicated a chastise or rebuke. We are loved and supported and encouraged to live a full-bodied experience including the whole gamut of emotions and possible adventures. Our sense of what is ‘right’ only serves to separate us. Whatever else is going on, there is an opportunity to be inter-connected and this is why we are here together right now on this planet attempting to put structures in place that foster global harmony.

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Finding Your Own Truth

Once upon a time - for there was always a sense of time crushing our dreams with some kind of commitment to be doing the bidding of priorities other than those our heart might cling to for salvation amidst the turmoil and injustice we perceived our lives to be...

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The Heart of a Leader

Without enemies or outcomes, without right-ways and wrong-doers, without enlightened and 3D brute, or any other system that seeks to divide us into pathological categories – there is an opportunity for unconditional love as a lived experience. Not as a vision for the planet or the result of an effort. Just a way of being.

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On the Gentle Cycle

We all live in constant flux. Sometimes we can perceive the pattern of change and that makes it easier to surrender. Other times our desire to know gets in the way. The desire to be in control simply by knowing what to expect or why life unfolds the way it does, these...

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Choosing Joy

When I was at university studying Sociology, it became apparent that each new topic was a way to tell the story of the world from a different angle. Terrorism and it's causes, feminism, love and friendship, human resources, philosophy of mind, consciousness studies,...

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Dark Night of the Soul

  It is said that a true confession can only be obtained through torture; that we wear our masks until the strength to hide is completely drained from our vulnerable bodies as in the so-called dark night of the soul. Is it so unthinkable that we might be capable of...

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The Thrive Movement

Yesterday I was looking through some social media posts I had saved for later and came across an article about ‘Linear chains of the body-mind.’ Which begins 'Dr. Guiseppe Calligaris studied medicine, received the highest grades and obtained his medical degree in 1901...

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You don’t have to wake up in the morning thinking about what’s crap in the world to motivate yourself to do your job on the planet. This is contrast. There is no contrast. There is only this moment as a gift with an important job. In this moment, you do what you’re told (follow your intuitive guidance) for its own sake because you’re part of a team – the All That Is!

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Pathology and Oneness

There are a million ways to be aware of what’s happening. How can you be aware of what’s happening for you, rather than to you? This is the difference between pathology and whatever you want to call the things I do. Heart Alchemy, Living Fusion, Oneness, being a Living Master…

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Get your facts straight…

…we could know ourselves deeply, each moment, and it might appear like a sustained identity, but in essence we would have the freedom to rediscover ourselves in each experience, as it unfolds. As it reveals our response and purpose simultaneously.

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What Source Is That?

If you have never read about quantum mechanics this might seem a bit technical, but really it’s not that complicated. Basically, the nature of All That Is (which our reality and our lives are made of) cannot be out of balance. It’s impossible for life to be unfair or corrupted by good or bad, right or wrong, positive or negative. We are the collective state. The collective state is not something we bring about by making everyone think positive thoughts or do positive things. The collective state is already in harmony.

In the now, you are present to the questions you are asking as a means of welcoming and sitting in a particular energetic (rather than a way to find answers). There are no answers, there is only the energetic of experience. The meanings you attribute and the stories you tell are another means of welcoming and sitting in an energetic. What meanings are you tuned to? What stories are you telling? What energetic are you inviting in?

These rules and submissions are not a flaw, they are your commitments…whatever you are committed to is serving you. Nothing needs to change. Once you acknowledge that making yourself wrong is not helping, then you can begin to use other methods to understand who you are and how you are using meaning, ideas, rules, assessments, and other guidelines to simplify your life – even when they appear to be causing chaos!

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