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  • Aug 29. 2014 Morning Pages Reification in the Language of Exchange (part one)

    Symbols of wellness are not quite the same as wellness itself. I think we used to look for symbols of what we want and managed to manifest these believing they would somehow bring about a new way of being on the planet. If we brought in a community living in harmony this would spread a virus of peace and cooperation beyond the bounds of our commune, and yet to INTEND such and INFLUENCE or to FOCUS on the EFFECT is to abandon the experience itself.

  • Aug 28. 2014 , , , , Oracle of Divine Insight

    When you understand your abilities as natural, as quintessential to your incarnation then you will be less likely to dismiss skills and gifts as separating you from the pack.

    Your uniqueness does not isolate you. Your uniqueness is what makes you a worthwhile participant and it’s what tells you that you belong. When you make claims about who you are and what you do, the world will recognise this is true and act accordingly. Truth is not always a welcome mat. Sometimes recognition is a powerful invitation to open up to our own uniqueness…

  • Oracle of Divine Insight
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  • Aug 09. 2014 Morning Pages Preferences

    When your needs are unmet in one area they will flow into another and be recognised in a different form. There is no getting around the fact that energy is irrepressible. You cannot stop it or block it or change it, you can only acknowledge it from here or from there. Either way only your experience of it is altered, only the story you tell about it is different. You have preferences based on flavour or you have preferences based on the deep listening of being present. This is your choice.

  • who-am-i-channelling
  • Jul 21. 2014 Morning Pages Who Am I?

    Pallas Athena, a goddess of wisdom a war goddess who uses wisdom instead of weapons. My job on this planet is tied to this most of all, to helping people remember their soul level experience beyond the drama of human story. An expansion rather than an enlightenment or correction or advanced version of who you are, I can show you how to see and be in the world as your soul knows it.

  • Jul 19. 2014 , , , Stand In It…

    I’m more interested in teaching people how to think rather than what to think. When you think about each situation in these terms then you take out all the judgement (including positive and highest good), the need to control, the journey to somewhere (other than right here), and you keep passion, meaning, sovereignty, purpose, connection, self-awareness, and whatever else you need to be here as a gift, knowing you have a job…

  • Stand In It…
  • the-message
  • Jul 15. 2014 Morning Pages The Message

    I surrender because I know the wisdom of these insights are greater than my pleas for comfort or logic or control. I surrender as the Pathfinder of Oneness who has a job in this moment (to surrender) and then stay ‘here’ to do my job – because my job is not a potential future tied to some notion of what a messenger will be doing or might encounter, my job is to be here surrendering to the truth that ‘I am a messenger’ and this is exactly where I need to be.

  • appreciate
  • Jul 13. 2014 Morning Pages Appreciate

    Teach is not the word. It’s something else. I keep thinking about Richard Bach and the way I absorbed what he had to say without truly conceptualising anything…

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