There are no Rules

There’s always an exception to the rule. No sense of ‘what is’ can play out across the universe untouched by story.

For example, to say that being inspired is inspiring others is to miss the personal nature of Divine inspiration. Inspiration means to ‘breathe or blow into’ originally in the sense of a divine or supernatural truth or idea.

Sometimes we feel inspired to ‘change’ or ‘escape’ or ‘rescue’ or ‘organise’ life in a particular way. But this is the story we tell after inspiration has been breathed into experience. It’s the way we explain what comes in.

Something comes up to be experienced. We embody it in situ. Then we tell a story about what that means. This story is what we know as reality.

It is not our sense at fault or even our story. For no matter what our experience (or reality) the truth is, we are always on purpose and life is happening for us. The conversation is always about how we feel loved.

No matter what vibration, intention or affirmation, being present to WHAT IS (rather than the reason, the report card or the to-do list) can make our experience effortless.

Effortless is not the goal. It’s not a sign that you’re on the right track or seeing things clearly. Effortlessness is being present to what is as an aspect of the Divine. The Perfect Present Experience and a lot of the work Louise and I do together is focused on how people come to be present to what is as an aspect of the Divine. It is not the only way.

It is the way we have been asked to be on the planet. It is Divine inspiration. Not as a force for change or a way to inspire people or a sense of what’s missing. To be a messenger is to do what you’re told and know there is a reason (but we don’t have access to all the information so we can’t possible be expected to know “why”).

If you want to have that experience over eight weeks and be part of something that won’t make you right, wrong or incomplete, then check it out.

Peace on Earth

It’s early. The universe woke me up this time yesterday too. There’s something asking me to write in the cool with crickets to serenade my fingers dancing across the keyboard. So let’s do that…

Peace Offering is a card from the Doreen Virtue Ascended Masters Oracle deck. It talks about the resolution of an argument or misunderstanding where those involved are ‘ready to forgive and forget’. I’m not sure these are the words I would use but then I guess that’s why I’m being asked to write about peace on Earth.

The Oracle goes on to suggest one ‘be open to seeing the other person’s point of view to soften any hard feelings’ which just reminds me of the messages I get around knowing or trusting there’s a reason; that we are all on purpose, doing the best we can with what we have; and every single one of us is motivated by the desire to feel loved aka feeling safe, belonging and having meaning.

‘As you allow compassion into the situation, love’s healing power ensures that everyone’s needs are met harmoniously.’ Since we’re all interconnected there’s no actual healing required but having an experience of compassion, of seeing where the other person is motivated by and subject to their unique Divine experience can change the story we tell about them as well as the way we feel.

This change of Heart is enough to have peace.

‘Leave the details about how this situation will be resolved to the infinite wisdom of Spirit.’ Again, I would not use the word ‘resolve’ and yet this statement of surrender is exactly what we need to further understand the difference between an experience of working toward outcomes and an experience of being present to our purpose in this moment.

Let’s return to the first point – I’m not sure these are the words I would use but then I guess that’s why I’m being asked to write about peace on Earth.

Where I don’t believe in ‘resolution’ or ‘forgiveness’, I do see the way people label experiences in such language and how this need for understanding is integral to another label – struggle. When I say “I don’t believe in” I mean these ideas are outside of my cosmology. I am of the belief that we are interconnected aspects of Spirit, therefore there is no inside-outside, no exchange between separate points, and no discrete experiences.

We have been brought up in the language of exchange (materialist duality) which tells us that we are separate, that things happen to us, and that we can make assessments about what is best according to the information that we have access to. But there is another language – energy.

The language of energy is also known as Oneness, as unity consciousness, and what I call Heart Alchemy (which is both the language and the living, the noun and the verb, the concept and the practice). Within this language, there is no exchange. That means you cannot heal because healing is about fixing something that is not whole and integrated (which is impossible because we are all indivisible from Spirit, always whole, always interconnected). So, if there’s no healing then why do we have sickness?

We don’t. We have an experience that we have labelled sickness. I know, you’re thinking “yeah sure, change the name and we still suffer and die.” But it’s bigger than that.

Pathology is a myth we are beginning to reconsider. Medical research has been asked to integrate some radical ideas over the last few decades, and it’s not just about alternatives for hippies. The study of how and why traditional medical interventions are effective (or not effective) has led researchers to look at pathology in a new way.

For those of you curious about what I mean when I say ‘pathology’, I’m talking about the idea that we can label some things as symptoms of disease or a corruption of optimum health. Pathology looks at a snotty reaction to eating bread as an intolerance, and sets about means of correcting the flaw.

So, if pathology is the labelling of flaws, Western materialist biomedicine is the mechanics of correction or healing.

I use the word mechanics intentionally. Western healing uses a mechanistic or materialist biomedical mythology to inform its practices. In other words, we are seen as biological machines that can be separated into systems (like the nervous system) and organs and functions which medicine measures for imbalances or anomalies. This medical approach then intervenes to correct any pathological flaws.

So what, right? Who cares about how physicians and arbiters of healing view the human body?

We do. When you go to a GP or a specialist or a healer, you are making a decision about how you want your ‘health’ to be understood. Studies into the Placebo Effect have shown that all healing is placebo. That is, germ theory and biomedical science cannot explain the fact that some people respond to medical interventions while others don’t. It cannot explain how simply making an incision into the knee yielded longer lasting results than performing the actual reconstructive knee surgery on the control group. It cannot explain why provision of basic needs is not enough to ensure human survival. And it cannot explain how shamans can remove an inoperable tumour without touching the ‘patient’ or prescribing medication.

It’s not that there is something ‘wrong’ with Western medicine. For those who believe in its powers and practitioners, this style of medicine is going to be effective – that’s the point. If all healing is placebo, then whatever works for you is part of your belief system. And even that is more complicated than the things you have chosen to consciously commit to.

Beliefs are part of our invisible navigation system, not a logical or philosophical theory.

You can tell what you believe by looking at what’s happening in your life right now. For example, if you believe that the pressures of life are eased when you get sick because people feel sorry for you and don’t expect you to do so much or try so hard or be perfect OR perhaps the ease is in a belief that people can’t expect these things of you when you’re sick because it’s unreasonable to ask a sick person to perform at optimum efficiency (even if the reality doesn’t match up), then this belief will manifest in your life. This belief is part of what keeps you safe. It gives you a sense of belonging, and meaning.

All of your beliefs are serving you, they are dishing out what you have dictated as immutable truth and no logic or spoken desire can distract them from their duty.

It’s a big shift in thinking so don’t wrap yourself into knots trying to figure it all out. We are only just beginning to speak energy on this planet and it is so radical an idea that people still expect something to be wrong.

We expect the new idea to replace the old idea because it’s incorrect. We expect the new idea to give us better outcomes because the old one was leading us astray. But here’s the deal.

No matter what you believe, no matter what it looks like is occurring, no matter what story you’re telling about how the world works or who you need to be… there is no right, wrong or incomplete.

No good-bad polarity, no right-wrong judgement, no high-low duality, no better-worse outcomes, no give-take separation, no healthy-sick pathology, no enlightened-ignorant disconnection, no easy-hard control. No levels, no layers, no journey, no growth, no lessons, no cause-and-effect manifestation consciousness. And yet if these things are part of your cosmology, then they are serving you perfectly!

This new way of being on the planet is not about making people wrong or convincing them that there is a better way or that we need to be wary of particular dangers or that opportunities for growth await them. This language of energy, this Heart Alchemy is about focusing on what people need to feel loved.

It’s about knowing we are already interconnected and that connection is impossible to separate out into particles or people that ping-pong into each other. It’s about interpreting every situation as a conversation with the cosmos instead of dividing our experiences into ‘issue; opportunity; work; play; purpose’. It’s about knowing every scenario is new and unique, even when it feels like a ‘pattern’ or ‘cycle’. It’s about tuning to the loudest point with curious surrender knowing whatever bubbles up is here for a reason. It’s about knowing there is always a reason and even when it seems unreasonable to seek the place where you can be with what is.

It’s also about knowing that the ones that are hardest to love are the ones that need love the most. Not because they have been denied or you need to ‘give’ or ‘transmit’ or ‘heal’ or ‘create’ something. Because a focus on what people need to feel loved is a way of life. It changes all the stories you tell about what’s occurring. Instead of ignorance and betrayal and violence, you will see what Spirit sees.

When you see through Spirit’s eyes you will see that your one obligation is to be whatever configuration of crazy the Divine made you without trying to change or fix anything, because by being YOU the world is perfect.

The ‘obstacles’ to being you are many and varied:

  • A sense of wanting life to be different
  • Uncertainty of one’s place
  • Denying permission to simply be
  • Distrust of intuitive guidance
  • Pathologising other people’s behaviours

Again, there are no actual obstacles because whatever is going on is perfect. I use the term to highlight where people FEEL that they fail, not where Spirit sees failure.

Spirit sees only that you are perfectly designed for your mission and that your one obligation is to be you. When you FEEL effortless as you, the world is perfect and you are having an experience of Your Divine Identity – which you already are, nothing to activate or improve. When you FEEL the truth of your intuitive guidance you are having an experience of personal truth. And when you FEEL focused on what people need to feel loved, you are having an experience of life as a conversation with the universe.


See also: January 10 is 13 Oc/Tz’i. Eastern medicine considers that the patient is just as, if not more, responsible for his or her own health. This means having not only the knowledge but the authority to decide how best to heal your body and maintain strong, vibrant health long into the future. Today, harness the psychic energy of Oxlahun to tune into your body and go straight to the core of whatever ails you or needs attention now. Listen to the advice of your doctors and health professionals, especially those in holistic or Eastern medicine, but do your research and make the final decision yourself.

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Intertwined = interconnected

We are not separate particles ping-ponging across the universe, but interwoven fabric that can never truly be divided into strands for the further in you go, the finer the material until all you have is light (and then energy which is all we are – excitations of a field, of a collection of fields that exist simultaneously and somehow manifest as patterns that appear whole and complete in every moment if only you could see them from a particular angle; an angle forever shifting and inviting us to surrender to the beauty of all that is).

Between home and work it is not work that tortures us or home that comforts us. We imagine a transition – a space ripping us from somewhere warm and enticing, and delivering us into the unpleasant. But in fact there is no transition.

We are always where we find ourselves, and more than that we are always where we need to be.

What did Buddha say about happiness? That the key to happiness is to want what you have, not what you don’t have. “But if I already had what I wanted, then what would I go for? What would motivate me and drive my decisions?”

I have had this conversation with clients over and over again. This need for a goal or outcome is the tag that tells us we must be invested for some reason. It is the flag that designates our camp as better or at least distinct from the next camp. It is the reward of certainty that gives us permission to define our experience as unsatisfactory.

What happens when we simply surrender to the truth that we don’t have access to all the information. As spiritual beings having a human experience we have access to exactly what we need so we can be who we are. We can glimpse the truth from time to time – in surrender. But otherwise with our perceptual biases and invisible cultural norms, it is impossible to see what’s going on from a place of Divine reason.

This is what makes life unreasonable – not being able to see the reason.

As we have an experience of Oneness, of calm interconnection and then move back into our schedule wondering how to maintain that sense of surrender, life flips between knowing there’s a reason and wanting the world to be reasonable. The residue of calm interconnection will only last so long before the world loses its sheen and begins to get scratchy again…unless we have a way to LIVE in surrender. Otherwise we have to make time for regular meditation and any practices that help us get back that surrender feeling (for a time).

So, how can we live in surrender? And in surrender to what exactly?

In surrender to interconnection; to Divine Timing; to your Divine Identity; to intuitive guidance; to reading experience as a conversation with the cosmos; to redefining every moment until the story neither right, wrong nor incomplete.

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Don’t lose your spark of madness!

Don’t lose your spark of madness!

I remember my experience of what was labelled ‘depression’ as dynamic as any other. Long stretches pushing up inside the bubble. Launched backwards in a fixed position on the skin of the sphere. Eyes clenched, head down, arms inconsequential. A human shrimp swimming up back against the sinking sac of extended self, an invasive fluid heightening sensitivity to sound, texture, comment, and everything unspoken.

Depression was silence. A way to be in the world without tuning to the instructions and constant banter. At times a reprieve from life’s expectation that you might be a certain thing in a certain place, that immovable object you never could attain against that unstoppable force of who you are. A surrender to be outside the game and metamorphose between the edges of you and the world inane.

I also remember the times I felt I needed to pierce my flesh and bleed. There was no desire for death or a pity audience. In fact, at times it became a test to see if anyone could actually see what was hidden under my clothes, all that anger and confusion about not knowing who I was allowed to be.

I say my experience labelled ‘depression’ because it was not separate from any of my other experiences and there was nothing consistent that tied it to itself. I did not know I had permission to feel my feelings, to think my thoughts, to sing my style, to know my world from the truths that came from inside. I could not be sure of the voices intuitive, or the empathic information I received unlike anyone else in my life. And I questioned the integrity of ‘knowing’ when it created a reality interpreted as unconventional, not because I wanted to fit in or be seen to be successful but because I only care about how people feel loved. I tune only to their need to know themselves as a gift.

This is my job. I have played it my whole life. When I was experiencing uncertainty about how I was allowed to do my job there were opportunities to know myself as unacceptable. There were encounters with people that encouraged me to know myself as a diagnosis, a personality type, a psychometric test, a cognitive-behavioural contract, a voice on the phone, a secret, a lover’s commitment, and much more. These were not the things that helped me understand what I need to feel loved, these were the moments of perfection that allowed all things to exist in their ideal configuration.

Depression is not a curse, it is a lived expression. It may not be pleasant or easy to understand but it is inseparable from the rest of your experiences. There is something integral about knowing that it is not a flaw that allows you to discover yourself. And rather than seek a cure to a diagnosis, there is something empowering about acknowledging that in some way THIS experience is serving you; not as a lesson or example of what not to do, but as a valuable part of your life’s work. This expression of you has something valuable to say. This expression of you wants to be loved and experienced as valid, to be given a place in your home with all of your other aspects and understood as having an important job. This aspect is not your enemy.

All aspects are valuable. When they come together knowing each has a place and a part to play, they become your greatest gift – you! When this too can be given it’s time and place, it’s love and acceptance, then you are not rushing to the next thing, to a better version of yourself where everything is easier because you can appease the demands of the world in a way that does not ask you to be visible. Whatever configuration of crazy you are under all of that separation is where you will feel loved.

You’re only given a little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it.

Robin Williams

Bringing all of your aspects home seems unthinkable at first. It may take time to identify all of your aspects let alone know how to acknowledge them. That’s all part of this moment and that’s perfect. This is not a race. You are not being herded toward some better version of yourself, you are experiencing this moment as an invitation to have the conversation with the cosmos, with your wholeness.

And when the waves are too loud to think with any clarity, or the fire is beyond a controlled burn, then there is only this moment and what you know to be true. All the platitudes and contracts fade to nought when this moment shuts out your ability to do for others. And in those moments, if you know for sure that life is happening for you, that there is a reason for this that doesn’t make you wrong, and that you have permission to feel without trying to make it look like you’re something you’re not, maybe then those moments of overwhelm can be honoured for what they are. For the intensity of life, for the unconditional self, for the primal scream that asks for nothing else other than to feel loved.

To honour those moments is not to feed the monster or rationalise its outcomes. You honour this expression as you might be with someone in detox or child birth, knowing them as a whole and perfect being having a human experience that cultural bias might prefer to keep secret. An experience society has chosen to medicalise, finding the individual wanting rather than recognising a natural desire to feel loved. For no matter what the scenario, that is what drives you…

The desire to feel loved.


What is it to care about or to be caring? I’m looking at how people understand their behaviour as care when they are focused on fixing instead of honouring and wondering how to have that conversation. Let’s try this…

There is a kind of therapy called Gestalt. It’s not really a therapy but more of an experience. Officially you might refer to it as an experimental phenomenology because it encourages you to try new behaviours so you can get a clearer picture of how you operate. You clarify what you are experiencing and how you are doing it.

I like Gestalt because unlike other methods, it doesn’t attempt to analyse your subconscious, unseen or hidden aspects. Gestalt is all about the here and now.

For me, the present is a unique and significant indication of who you are. That means that there’s no holding you to the past, not even five minutes ago because that experience can only be understood as an expression in this moment. Gestalt agrees with me, isn’t that cool?

It’s a complex and compelling therapy that deals with what bubbles to the surface as you become aware of this moment as filtered through your perceptual and cultural biases. It does not attempt to change or fix you. The Gestalt therapist has been described as ‘a creative agent of change, an inventor, and a compassionate and caring human being’*. Did you notice me bring it back to caring there? Seamless people, just brilliant :)

So, here’s my thing about caring.

When you want to do something for someone that they will not do for themselves or when you tell someone something they have not asked to hear, especially when it ‘helps’ them, this is not caring.

Now, I’m not talking about making dinner for children or washing someone who happens to be in a coma. I’m referring to situations where you desperately feel the need to fix something or to help someone fix something. This is not caring when it diminishes their sovereignty.

If you step in to do it for them, they can’t figure out how to do it for themselves. For example, if you tied a child’s shoe laces until the day they left home, they would go out into the world minus that skill. How is that caring?

Of course they could buy slip-ons and never have to face the fact that they don’t know how to tie up there own shoes and no-one would be the wiser except when they have kids of their own or if they really, really, really want that job with a dress code… you get the picture.

When you take responsibility for other people’s self-discovery – who they are, what they need, how they find meaning and purpose – you rob them of the opportunity to have that experience. Even in therapy I stick to asking the questions that allow you to recognise how to bring all of your aspects home and how to give them all a room in your house so that you can make every inherent idiosyncrasy work for you. Rarely will I ever tell you anything, except maybe that you are fabulous, and whatever your guides are screaming at me to say out loud. But apart from that, it’s all you.

So, if it pains you to see someone in need or ‘suffering’ and they have not asked you to intervene or they have not indicated any desire to change, then perhaps this situation has been sent to you for a reason. Ask yourself:

What is really going on for you? How can you stay with your experience of discomfort to understand it more intimately?

Discomfort is enlightening. It speaks to you about what you can and can’t live with. Sometimes it is so loud you try to drown out the noise by changing the station. What would happen if you sat with it’s annoying frequency just long enough to hear what it has to say?

Whenever you take the focus off of your own experience – for even someone else’s suffering is filtered through your sensory perception and cultural sensibilities – there is martyrdom or control in play. Chances are you will ‘go out of your way’ (that’s code for martyrdom) to be a hero, or you are ‘doing what needs to be done because you know best’ (and that’s control) to quiet the noise.

Whatever the angle, it is rarely caring.

To care is to stand with someone as they have their experience, it’s having the respect to grant them sovereignty over their actions and meaning, and it’s taking responsibility for your own…

*Zinker (1978) Creative Processes in Gestalt Therapy

the Quantum Map

the Quantum Map

In order to be whole, connected and flowing we need to be tuned to the symphony of life. Quantum field theories tell us that all particles are simply vibrations in a field*. That all fields are everywhere all the time.

Imagine the universe was a piece of sheet music, where each note is a point on the staff either between or on the line, think of each possible position on the staff as a field and each note as a particle (a localised vibration in the field).

Just as all frequencies only appear to be separate on a hierarchy of low to high until one looks from above and sees the spectrum as one thread inseparable and incapable of division into good-bad, right-wrong, high-low, reality is not available to us until we tune to the language of wholeness. The language of wholeness in inclusive and seeks to understand rather than judge or separate into categories. What is it that binds us, that makes us complete and worthwhile in this moment?

In this way, so-called material reality is not a collection of solid dots or fixed points that bounce off one another, but rather vibration itself. This means we are not separate from or subject to our ‘environment’ since all things are simply excitations of a field. Vibration does not go out from a solid point and ‘effect’ other points. Vibration is the nature of physical manifestation (including thought, feeling and space).

If there is no inside-outside, and we are not separate from or subject to, then we cannot be evolving in the sense of moving from simpler to more complex because this form of evolution is based in a picture of the universe as a Newtonian, mechanistic, Cartesian dualism incommensurate with vibrational reality. We are not solid things animated by separate mindful substances changing into better things with more advanced or collective mindful aspects. We are excitations of a field in a constant state of change always whole, always perfectly designed for our experience. Only our consciousness changes – that is, only the story about what’s really going on is changing.

Our visions for a united consciousness on the planet are going to happen if we can learn a new language. The old language was exchange. It was about ping-pong or pin-ball consciousness. The new language is energy (I call it Heart Alchemy). It is about neutral consciousness. In order to support this shift on the planet, our global family needs a new mythology – one based on inclusion and wholeness rather than pathology and opposition.

Our new mythology is a dynamic, quantum, spectrum-based ideology that surrenders mystery and experience as benevolent. Our old mythology was a cause-and-effect, Newtonian, mechanistic, Cartesian dualism based ideology that fought to change and manifest and judge experience as spiritual herding. It might take some getting used to. That’s okay. We’re in this together and we’re all doing the best we can with what we have. The point is not to work hard for an outcome, that’s the old consciousness. The point is to tune into neutral consciousness whenever you can and feel the inter-connected experience of reality.

There are some ideas we will need to refashion so that the new mythology becomes a cosmology. That is, we need a new language to experience life in this new way. It is one thing to read about or think about but to experience is unique. When we use this new language there is a rewiring not just of the brain but in the way we experience our soul, our purpose, each other, the planet, and the story we tell about the past.

With this new language our meanings are transformed. There cannot be ’cause’ and ‘effect’ since these too rely on duality; and we reframe our language around ‘improvement’ and ‘outcome’ because all of these concepts are impossible once we live in a vibrational universe where reality is neutral.

It’s like suddenly discovering that your father isn’t biologically responsible for bringing you into the world. The love is still present but you long to know how you came to be who you are, to meet a genetic mirror who might explain more about what you inherited.

This new information opens you up to learn more about what’s really making you show up in this unique way. You open up to the possibility that your idiosyncrasies are part of something significant – a whole lineage of connection yet to be explored.

This new identity is natural and full of possibility. You feel new, like you can re-tell the past from a different perspective. Now that you know there is more going on than previously understood, you are open and flexible to new explanations for why you had this or that experience. Your life is recounted and made meaningful in an empowering reshaping process (although nothing has changed).

This fresh perspective is only empowering if you allow it to reposition your “why?” It is the why that informs our mythology which in turn directs our focus and either taps us into or keeps us out of neutral consciousness. Neutral consciousness is always there, the fact of your lineage is always there, only your awareness changes. Only the story and “why?” changes. Only your language is effected and this is where your experience lives.

Now, this might not make sense when you consider experience as a vehicle for variation, but experience is also neutral until we excite the field of judgement. In non-judgement we are capable of knowing reality in its neutral state. This is not to say that you become a robot. Your experience of life is beauty and wonder in neutral consciousness, it is simply the notion of cause-and-effect, higher-lower, right-wrong, good-bad, and other polarities that begin to crumble as we tap into the language, mythology and consciousness of life according to the Quantum Map.

Once we learn to speak energy and see the world through neutral consciousness, life becomes effortless. Our own happiness and our story about the world is inseparable. As visionaries and activists and parents and teachers and participants on this global scale we are supported by a mythology that keeps us inter-connected. We are capable of sustained happiness and drive, no matter what when our mythology allows us to live in peace as the world meets or fails our expectations.

How can you see what is when your mind will only let you see what your biases – perceptual and cognitive – allow?

Yes the filters appear to distort and focus the mind in particular ways but you also have access to truth beyond perception. When your soul speaks it is clear that you are more than cognition. Even if it appears to break all the rules or frightens your sensibilities, there are things that you come across which feel bright and hopeful like doorways into magical playgrounds where all our burdens have been lifted.

Once you begin to say “yes” to this new way of being on the planet, this neutral consciousness, you will understand even the mind’s filters in a non-judgemental way. You will see all things as serving you no matter how crazy or illogical they seem. You will see the order in chaos and more than this, you will feel love playing it’s symphony in all things.

No more duality, no more polarities, no more judgement, no more control, no more categories or separation, no more pathology, no more outcomes or intentions, no more becoming or evolving, no more enemies and allies, no more layers or levels or lines between anything or anyone. We are capable of something truly whole, compassionate and complete in this moment as an aspect of the Divine…

Learn more in the Perfect Present 8 Week Experience

*Lincoln, D (2013) The Good Vibrations of Quantum Field Theories

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