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  • Jan 08. 2015 Morning Pages Caring

    When you want to do something for someone that they will not do for themselves or when you tell someone something they have not asked to hear, especially when it ‘helps’ them, this is not caring…

  • Jan 08. 2015 , , , , the Quantum Map

    Our visions for a united consciousness on the planet are going to happen if we can learn a new language. The old language was exchange. It was about ping-pong or pin-ball consciousness. The new language is energy (I call it Heart Alchemy). It is about neutral consciousness. In order to support this shift on the planet, our global family needs a new mythology – one based on inclusion and wholeness rather than pathology and opposition.

  • the Quantum Map
  • Jan 04. 2015 Morning Pages Awareness and Meditation

    No Angel ever told me that we need to do better. No Ascended Master ever communicated a chastise or rebuke. We are loved and supported and encouraged to live a full-bodied experience including the whole gamut of emotions and possible adventures. Our sense of what is ‘right’ only serves to separate us. Whatever else is going on, there is an opportunity to be inter-connected and this is why we are here together right now on this planet attempting to put structures in place that foster global harmony.

  • Dec 26. 2014 Morning Pages The Heart of a Leader

    Without enemies or outcomes, without right-ways and wrong-doers, without enlightened and 3D brute, or any other system that seeks to divide us into pathological categories – there is an opportunity for unconditional love as a lived experience. Not as a vision for the planet or the result of an effort. Just a way of being.

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  • Dec 17. 2014 Morning Pages Choosing Joy

    When I was at university studying Sociology, it became apparent that each new topic was a way to tell the story of the world from a different angle.…

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