The Physics of One Field



No matter who you are or why you’re here, Heart Alchemy meets you where you are by acknowledging you as sacred. This is not always easy to hear. For some of you it may feel unfamiliar for someone to recognise your perfection, and invite you to be effortlessly you!

The conversation is how you encounter Heart Alchemy through podcasts, writings and other material. It has elements of Gestalt, Person-Centred therapy, the Medicine Wheel, the Tao, Archangel an Ascended Master wisdom.



Once you’ve followed intuitive-logic and enrolled in a process, Heart Alchemy reveals your true reflection as one self. Rather than a hierarchy of selves – ego, persona, higher-self, soul and actualised or enlightened self – Heart Alchemy is able to understand all aspects from one identity. The process then defers to your wisdom about where to focus, and allows you to expertly guide whatever action or exploration you feel to.

I realise you are expecting to find the part that promises to fix, change or heal your life. This is not that process. Heart Alchemy is a no pathology, no polarities, no separation cosmology that does not require you to see what’s going on as a problem in order to have an experience of life through Spirit’s eyes.



This is the physics of One Field better known as the oneness experience. It is to navigate all things as Spirit manifest, and to live each moment as your conversation with the cosmos. I have written about the difference between oneness the outcome and the oneness experience. Ultimately the cosmology comes down to this – regardless of where I find myself, I know that we are all living masters and it is all synchronicity. There are many ways to understand this for yourself (if it is true for you).

It is rare that I will ever explore the cosmology with you. Heart Alchemy is not about converting you to a new belief system. It is about you being at peace with the one that you have, the one that you know is true for you, and that ticks all your boxes.


Deva Avatar · Oracle · Scribe

Living Master Melanie Brockwell is an empathic mentor, eclectic scribe, oracle, sound-sorceress and Heart Alchemist who has provided soothsaying counsel whenever it was sought. For those with a strong sense of purpose, especially those who feel they hold space, work with community and/or social justice, Melanie is a valuable source of inspiration, refreshment and grounding.

Although Melanie does not use these terms as they operate within the physics of separation, she acknowledges that she has been standing with people as they divine their own answers for 25+ years and is infamous for her ability to feel-see-hear the questions and prompts that clarify the who, why, and how of your truth.

An Oracle’s Life

Raised in somewhat of a gypsy lifestyle, Melanie began her awareness as a so-called spiritual being having a human experience from conception. Without a human guide, Melanie kept her energetic doors open and etheric entities close from day one. She performed telekinesis in nappies, sprouted quantum physics explanations of the world in early childhood, and saw other people’s memories in her teens. From the beginning she has pursued the nature of existence as a unified system through science, politics, human development, behaviour, sociology, spirituality, and healing.

The Alchemist’s Heart

As a deep listener, Melanie follows her intuition wherever it invites. With no sense of what might be, Melanie has always embodied the moment as sacred. There is no other way for her to view or interact, and although it took many years for Melanie to comprehend this in a language that made sense to other people, her entire life is an experience of One Field aka Heart Alchemy©.

The Artist, Scribe & Speaker

Her time at the prestigious East Sydney School of Art, study of mysticism and religious history, travels into what most understand as the school of astral and other planes, relationship with Ascended Masters and Angels, experiences of pure empathy, and many other awarenesses, are interspersed with great adventures behind the bar as an observer in what others might describe as dark and seedy worlds.

The story is not a linear list of achievements or traumas, but a rich and magical web of synchronicity and sacred memory. Such is the reality for a Deva Avatar of One Field – no resume of spiritual “achievements”, no recovery from life’s “lessons”, and certainly no adoption of “higher truths”. Each day in every moment the universe avails itself as a conversation where there is no need for goals, battles or control. Trusting All That Is will reveal it’s purpose in the now is a lived experience for Melanie Brockwell, Master of Heart Alchemy.

Not Like Any Spiritual Worker

She is not tied to a modality. Nor does she fit neatly into an ideological box. Melanie lives and breathes the moment as a conversation with the universe, and stands with you as you remember yourself as a gift with an important job (or not, whatever is true for you is true for you). Perhaps you will read the words ‘One Field’ and ‘Heart Alchemy©’ used to describe the way Melanie understands the world, and want to know how she came to have these perspectives, for it seems there is always a dark night of the soul or some such awakening story. But Melanie does not operate in polarities.

No Polarities

Melanie sees the spectrum that is. Inseparable from the whole, where everything is sacred, dark and light are simply shades on the spectrum neither good nor bad. There is only what is.

In this moment you know everything you can possibly know. Nothing more, nothing less. In One Field physics there is no ‘awakening’. Instead, one trusts that we are all doing the best we can with what we have. There is no need for good-bad, better-worse, future-past, life lessons, the journey or enlightenment for these require separation and judgement and control.

Melanie Is Not A Teacher or Healer

Even as an oracle, Melanie is simply an energy emissary in full surrender to the universal wisdom of this moment. No exchange, separation or control. Melanie is committed to being present to this moment. Although there are many non-dual spiritual ‘teachers’ few of them ascribe to life beyond blame, shame and control. Melanie does not see herself in competition with them or their ideas. She does not believe there is one right way. Each of us knows what is true for us.

Channelled Wisdom

Because her understanding of so-called non-physical entities began before she learnt to speak, there are no names or linear descriptions for what she knows. For example, when she identifies ‘Ascended Masters’ or ‘Angels’ this comes from her experiences with people describing their sense of connection or channelling. For Melanie they are aspects of self.

Even her closest guides have never needed to be named for her trust in them and the role they play in her life is inherent, as embodied as the frequency of life itself.

A New Language

The way that Melanie understands is also so automatic and precognitive that it has taken her years to find words to relay her experiences verbally. At the moment Melanie is working on the creation of online content and workshops exploring the nature of being Oneness (as opposed to working toward oneness).

This is an exciting time for those who want to remember how to be on the planet as spiritual beings having a human experience everyday…

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