Living In Two Worlds
  • I call it Heart Alchemy

    Love, for me, is not about the rules I make for other people. Love, for me, is the things I want for them – which is whatever they want for themselves. After all, it is not for me to say how you might find happiness or even if you should seek it. As a lover, it is my place to simply be. And as I explore that lover’s place, that dancing ribbon of energy forever moving to catch the light, I also see you!

    19 March Posted by Melanie Brockwell 0 Comments
  • Seek and ye shall find…

    I did not find what I sought today, I utterly failed in every way. No money did I make. No titles did I win. Just spinning tyres digging…

    18 March Posted by Melanie Brockwell 0 Comments

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