The Heart of a Leader

Open-hearted, you are interconnected but what does that mean when you are a leader? How do you ‘be with’ when it is your job to speak into existence words and feeling-wisdom that asks you to channel Earth messages? It is an interesting question and it has an even more fascinating reply…

We are brought closer by our uniqueness. Nothing in our constantly shifting configuration of self can take us further from those we share this experience with. And even though there are stories about needing to be a particular way in order to connect and love one another, truly there is only ever this moment. Perfect and privileged to be aware of whatever is occurring for us, in company, this life is a blessed koan.

To ‘be with’ is to be yourself without edges. A linking of ‘I’ to ‘I’ and a meeting of energetic experiences. The words ‘aura’ and ‘energy’ are not quite efficient enough to grasp the expansion I speak of. It happened for me in a little room under the hand of Linda Charlson – a wellness practitioner. A gift from dear friends of mine from the bush.

As I was asked to merge with her aura, Jesus name into my body and I felt the concept of Christ consciousness in an embodied experience. We are no longer being asked to ‘work toward’ something that resembles interconnection; we are being invited to embody the soul as Christ energy to ‘be with’ people, animals, plants, elements, entities, energetic planes of existence, and more.

To ‘be with’ is to TRUST that what we are connecting to is safe to meet from our integrated self. I have been with people my whole life, as a conduit of their intuitive guidance. Now I am being asked to ‘be with’ from a fully embodied soul. It is a subtle difference but it asks me to let energy flow through my hands, to fill the world with my presence, and to share as an interconnectedness (rather than as a vehicle for mirror-delivered information).

This new way of being is what allows me to have CHOICE, something I am not used to and have been turning over in my hands like meditation balls. The ringing prayer of non-thinking question energy is a great meditative state. I do love having a ponderous hum circling me as I move through the world. It fills so much of my space. Space that has felt too vast, too heavy with silent responsibility to be separate. Now there is no space. Instead I see the same web of liquid energy connections I saw at Gramercy in conversation with Jan – a Heart Math and Beyond practitioner.

I miss Jan. I know there is much we will do together. I know she is counsel and playmate in this place. That sacred circle created at Gramercy lives in the now, feeding my heart an interconnectedness that reassures me that there are many ways to know life’s treasure. As a leader, as a Living Master, as a messenger, I Am here to offer a new way of being on the planet. It is a gentle consciousness, a Graceful Surrender and inclusive planetary dynamic steeped in unconditional love.

At first it sounds harsh and unjust. I know, I can feel the anger-fear of taking away dichotomy and judgement. Even though the word ‘justice’ means impartial, objective, neutral – it is still an emotionally charged leap from the ideas that separate us into good-bad, right-wrong, to the ideas that connect as a global family. A family that is motivated by the desire to feel loved.

Nothing is as simple as victim and perpetrator. There is no such thing as an isolated incident. We are all of us bringing our preconceptions with us, and everybody acts on their own sense of reason. I talk about these things in terms of perceptual and cognitive bias in ‘How to BE Medicine’, and there are many other ways of understanding this personal story reality.

Our reason is built on stories about the significance of life’s events. Life’s events are not neutral records of reality as-it-is. They are imbued with all that we feel and want and focus upon. There is no such thing as objectivity, and we are not being asked to attain such a non-human sense of life. We are, instead being asked to embrace this bias and put it to use as a vehicle of self-acceptance, self-determination, and unconditional love.

Our perception, our inescapable bias is a snake eating it’s tail and yet there is something that opens your heart knowing the truth is more than good and bad, right and wrong, noble and weak, compassion and cruelty. Those seeking to be connected, to know Oneness, and to heal the planet are invited to open their hearts in this new way. It is not the only way. It is simply a different language that the Earth seeks to birth so that life can do it’s ‘work’ and live together as a global family at the same time.

Without enemies or outcomes, without right-ways and wrong-doers, without enlightened and 3D brute, or any other system that seeks to divide us into pathological categories – there is an opportunity for unconditional love as a lived experience. Not as a vision for the planet or the result of an effort. Just a way of being.

When you know all the reasons and see the shades of meaning that connect us all together, then it becomes almost impossible to hate. When you remember that your soul motivation is to FEEL LOVED, then there is no other story, and you are FREE to be present in a benevolent universe because life really is happening for you…

On the Gentle Cycle

We all live in constant flux. Sometimes we can perceive the pattern of change and that makes it easier to surrender. Other times our desire to know gets in the way. The desire to be in control simply by knowing what to expect or why life unfolds the way it does, these are personal and intimate conversations. Where am I now and how did I get here?

Imperceptible change, that subtle difference that seems to sneak up and grow louder unbeknownst to us until we catch ourselves in reflection – this too is a personal and intimate conversation. Who do we think we are and where did this new self come from?

Sometimes we are asked to do something unexpected, to say something out of character, or to be with a situation in a new way. These experiments open us up to a possibility that the same old script would have us overlook. As we are remade in each moment, dancing with our purpose and presence, there are numerous invitations into this unknown space. How we approach them is an art. The feeling of no longer being the expert or of being open to a new ontology is more than humbling. It is the kind of honesty that explorers and leaders and oracles must embrace if they value their adventure more than any fixed illusion.

Recently a dear friend indulged me in a Joyful Hearts Angel Healing. At first neither of us knew what was expected, so we surrendered to our respected positions and listened. I was given a great many images and messages – a big tall strong tree totem, a series of endings, and magnificent visuals of myself as a book that stretches out forever on either side the pages fluttering like fronded leaves or wings. Annie, my Angel Healer, received a single beautiful image – a snail.

I am a snail!

A snail is always home. They are connected to the Earth, sensing their world through touch, and leaving a glorious silver trail wherever they go. In my case this silver trail is a symbol of what I weave through the various places I have been and lives I have touched. It is a most assuring image.

To feel the world is part of my journey. It is an integral aspect of how I know this moment – not as a means to an end but as a sense among many. To embrace this sense is to know where I am. To celebrate this feeling is to know who I am. And to see it as a blessing is to see where else I get to play.

Sometimes we feel to push or protest like a child anchored to the ground when we find ourselves made in a particular way. It feels as if we have found a box to escape or a curse to untangle. But what if that sense of what makes us uniquely designed for our purpose on this plane is not a curse? What if that immediately immutable is an invitation to play in other areas?

Whatever we think is unchanging about ourselves is always moving. Even if one aspect stays with us our entire lifetime, it is remade in every moment. Rarely does such a thing occur. Most of us will have immutable aspect for a series of moments, until we don’t. They stay with us for as long as we need them then they meld into new gifts of perception and persona.

When you find an immutable aspect, how can you celebrate it? How can you trust that this is perfect and divinely guided? Then, when you have had your tantrum, released the need for control, and finally exhaled all your fight – how can you inhale the joy of being who you are?

This joy is more than simply ‘knowing’ and accepting. It is a celebration!

If I must feel, then this is a sacred part of my experience never to be chided or the object of my regret. If I must feel, then where else do I get to play? What other choices do I have about how the world works? Which areas are open to interpretation and malleable to the warmth of my heart?

This is my focus. To see the places I get to play and celebrate the aspects that make me fabulous. Today I choose to write before intake of anyone else’s ideas. Today I choose to wear the textures my snail self enjoys. Today I choose to sing my way through life; to follow my fascination and sit quietly with the world as I lean in to feel it’s holiness.

What will you do?

What are you doing?

How can you know yourself as sacredly designed?

When do you give yourself the chance to exhale your protest so that the inhale of celebration can take place?

Who will you be when you no longer cling to life as a fixed address?

Choosing Joy

Choosing Joy

When I was at university studying Sociology, it became apparent that each new topic was a way to tell the story of the world from a different angle. Terrorism and it’s causes, feminism, love and friendship, human resources, philosophy of mind, consciousness studies, scientific revolutions, myth, statistics, and all the other units I took all told me about the world from a unique perspective.

All of them were exceedingly convincing and I came to realise that in their own way they were all true. In their own way, they held to a point in time and space that informs us of a particular set of data. None of them, it seems, considered reality holistically. How could they?

Even studying culture and healing which highlights the nature of mindful matter, perceptual bias and other wonders, still faded at edges to exclude discussions seen as outside the field. Having heard all of these stories and more, I feel there is nothing outside. Nor is there anything inside. The illusion of separation, of dividing reality into matter and energy, is unnecessary.

I’m reading a set of lectures originally published in 1922 by Alice A. Bailey titled ‘The Consciousness of Atoms,’ a book which popped out at the library along with Yoga Sutras, Mindfulness in the Modern World by Osho, The Ego Trick by Julian Bagel, and Mind & Cosmos by Thomas Nagel (as well as a Hunter S. Thompson anthology and a few Zen writings). The lectures have so far iterated the three essential stories on the planet – (i) realism or materialism, (ii) supernaturalism, and (iii) idealism.

It fascinates me to read such a succinct and scholarly repast from the early twentieth century.

It sparks my imagination to great heights when one so direct and yet exceedingly learned can speak without apology on a subject which must have been scandalous for its time. And the cards I draw for myself around the work I do echo this sentiment. For you see, I return to the question of what it is I want again and again. Mostly because the only answer is to have what I need to do what I’m told (intuitively), which seems to make the call to have desire grow louder.

For some time, perhaps six months or so, I have been asked to think about what I want. It seems I have dutifully followed my instructions and had my experiences in the moment since birth and the guiding chorus of wisdom now wants me to know desire. Not that I have not experienced pleasure or been absent to choice, but that the world is made simple by following my instructions and having no preference – only surrendering to the moment and focusing on what I need, to be present to what is, from a place of unconditional love and pure embodied expression.

Now, it seems, that is all going to change.

It is the difference between a leaf blowing in the breeze and a living doll. Between a wave and a participant consciousness where fancy and play are enjoyed in the fullness of human expression rather than kept secret from aspiring, unsatisfied artists. To be oneself is not simply a matter of being on purpose. The universe wishes us to also have joy. So far my life has found that joy in finding ways to love unconditionally. What now?

Where does one find the joy of something more than knowing how to be in the world as Spirit consciousness?

As I embrace this question and the energetic of surrender, I release the need for an answer. I know that life is not about answers, it is an opening up to and expansion from not knowing that allows miracles to happen. It is love to be in the question without need or desire for conclusion or closure. We are greatly served by the energetic of questions that allow us to see ourselves as constantly moving, constantly reforming and redesigned by each moment. Of this I can be sure until it no longer serves me. For just as every myth on the planet is true until it is not, our truth is certain as long as life continues to fruit.

Whatever my desire, whatever new way of being on the planet this question of choice and preference alights, all I can know for sure is that paying attention is the answer.

Dark Night of the Soul

Dark Night of the Soul


It is said that a true confession can only be obtained through torture; that we wear our masks until the strength to hide is completely drained from our vulnerable bodies as in the so-called dark night of the soul.

Is it so unthinkable that we might be capable of knowing, embracing and empowering ourselves without first being driven to the edge of madness and broken by life’s cruelty?

Are you not yet convinced of another kind of God – an inner guidance that calls you closer to a heart made of Divine song? A Spirit who sees only what is loveable and precious about you.

What Makes You Unique Is Connecting (Not Separating You) From Other People

If you see angels, then surely it is your purpose. If you hear messages or feel sensations other than your own, these are what make you uniquely designed for your purpose. These are not bonus gifts from a Spirit who tally the good and bad that you do.

God is not a cognitive behavioural therapist. The Divine does not reward the goodness and punish the bad. The Divine sees you with unconditional love and will always remind you of your essential Divinity. These so-called [abilities] and [curses] are integral to your Divine Identity.

As a healer, it is your part to play as you wish. As an intellect, or an organiser your role is open to interpretation. You have been commissioned to be an aspect of the Divine in whatever capacity made manifest. And the Divine lives through you.

Through you, Spirit sees itself exploring many experiences made possible only by being human. Of all the ways living consciousness can exist, being human is the greatest privilege. It is both freedom and wonder – a rare and magnificent combination.

If you cannot see that;

If you are blind to the miracle of your life;

If you wait for a sign that your place is secure;

If you journey to a better version of yourself, a vision of global harmony… and you long to be free of such torment, then there is a way to connect with the Divine right now. A way to know your Divine Identity in all that you do. There is a way to feel your direct connection as a lived experience through your heart. A song that lights you up as see yourself loveable and precious just as you are.

What Tricks Must I Learn To Embrace My Divine Identity?

Life is not an abstract concept. For example, the story about a mother [stressed] as she seeks her child’s shoe on a busy day in a long line of things to [accomplish] in order to avoid the [disasters] of everyday life – poverty, exile, rejection, humiliation, admonishment – this story does not help YOU understand your own dilemma.

Instead, it simply settles you further into the quicksand of life happening to you. It secures the meanings and motives of being human in terms of [strengths] and [weaknesses]. And it takes you further from the possibility of holding each moment close to your bosom.

What About Those In-Between Moments?

In the void, awaiting salvation from what no longer serves you, there is gratitude for the NOW as a process akin to surgery. Gratitude for what will come as a consequence of removing that which poisons your perfect present.

But if you truly wish to honour the gift of life, then perhaps a turn to the left of regret and reconciliation is at hand. An acceptance of the NOW as perfection itself might rid you of your need to be rid of anything at all.

You desire to be FREE from the [old], from the [obstacles], from the [poison] and [patterns] of what irks your [progress] – In this desire lives your rejection of the Now; in this desire lives your rejection of Your Divine Identity.

As you lean into each and every moment with an open heart, there is no more need of labels that make you or anybody else wrong. Even as you [journey] through the [void], you know each stage for its own sake rather than as a necessary [suffering] on the [path] to somewhere [better].

So What Then Am I Motivated By?

As you soften the story you tell, life seems to open its arms to you. The trick is not to be [nice] so that people want to be around you. It is no trick that being yourself, heart open, makes the world a place of peace. It is a choice.

Consider this story:

There once was a holy man seen as debauched and corrupt who stood at mass as a lightning bolt struck to collapse the roof above him. Little did he know that a conspiracy of men had poisoned his wine and the fallen spire actually saved his life for he did not drink the poison. Now, this holy man told himself that God was punishing him for his indulgences and so began to fast in penance. He came back to his essential commitments to serve and was truly reformed.

Had the holy man known that he had been saved and not punished, he could have taken the same action. His story would have been different. That is, his explanation of what was meant by the falling spire would be different, and yet his actions, his clarity and commitment to essential Divine Identity could have resulted either way.

Knowing that God saved him and that he is precious could have served to bring him back to his essential Divine Identity just as effectively as believing he was being punished. Which version of the story are you telling?

We Tell Ourselves The Story That Makes Sense To Us

As you open to Spirit’s non-judgement, the stories you tell change. Instead of reward and punishment you see the unconditional love of All That Is. Instead of fair and unjust you hear your own calling back to the heart that sings your Divine Identity. But what of the stories we have already told?

If there is no more ‘dark night of the soul,’ then what story might you tell of your greatest torment?

What empowering insight takes its place as you unravel yourself from the comfort of familiar tales?

Where will you stand as life reveals itself as a series of sacred moments – no past, no future, no control?

Where Is Your Priority?

Rather than questioning the righteousness or outcome of your decisions, ask more about the weight of your preference.

For me it goes like this: in the shower, say, I stand beneath the flowing water head to toe for the sensation it brings. My hair may have looked more ‘appropriate’ had I not wet my head, but I am only concerned with how it feels, not how it looks. The qualia of our existence is what life is made of.

Life is not your CV or your stuff. There is only what you do, think, and feel in each moment.

What is your priority when you chastise yourself for being late, for sleeping in, for missing that meeting? What is your most sacred commitment when you add up all the things you don’t like about yourself and other people? Where is your focus when you are telling stories about who did what, about how life made you feel, about the nature of harmony yet to be accomplished?

If you seek a way to make more profit or a means to attract a lover or a method to secure life’s pleasures, then you seek to alter the conditions of your experience. At some point you will realise that the conditions change nothing.

Those who acquire all they desire still embody their ‘needy’ consciousness

Even when you are surrounded by all the riches you believe will make you happy, all the conditions that secure an easier, less stressful, more aligned life – there is one aspect you cannot shake.

There is no getting away from yourself.

Even if you found yourself in the palaces of Atlantis, you would bring with you all the hopes and dreams that plague your present life. Wherever you go, whomever you aspire to be through education, wealth or impactful outcomes, the essence of your happiness is in HOW YOU KNOW the world (not in what you master, avoid, acquire, accomplish or control).

How do YOU know the world?

What is really going on during a so-called ‘dark night of the soul’?

What rules are making you miserable?

Which aspect of self are you punishing for being different than you expected?

Who do you blame for life’s (difficulties)?

When is your heart open to the world for it’s own sake?

How To Open Your Heart To The World For Its Own Sake

When you know, embrace and empower yourself as an aspect of the Divine, then your heart opens again and again to each and every moment as if it is renewed. In Graceful Surrender to put yourself where you can see what Spirit sees, your heart is open to the world for its own sake – a Living Fusion with All That Is.

You will know your place in this world as a constant renewal. No longer shall you seek to tie down a distinct and discrete identity that must be defended at all costs. No longer will you be chastised for failing to satisfy an ideal that asks you to be something you are not.

From now on you will look for ways to use what you’ve got as a blessing. You will embrace your warrior, your whinging child, your righteousness, your organisational overdrive, and any other sense of self you find wanting. This embrace is without condition. You will learn to see how these aspects serve you. You will do this by trusting that you are perfectly designed for your purpose.

Each part of you is sacred. Each aspect is necessary and worthwhile. Even the parts that appear to cause heartbreak and anguish are merely servants that long to be acknowledged as integral to Your Divine Identity.

The heartbreak is often in longing for things that do not meet your expectations. And anguish is any attempt to make sense of things that only faith can explain. The parts of you that struggle to find their place, their nest, are no different from the rest. A true acceptance involves a knowing, embrace and empowerment of each and every aspect – as if they are your children, your servants and your mentors all at once.

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Spiritual Quandry: When to choose between NOW and the Bigger Picture

Spiritual Quandry: When to choose between NOW and the Bigger Picture

I open my emails this morning to one guy who wants to teach me a simple 3 step process to discover and share your talents and gifts to the world and to leave a legacy on this planet (which also happens to make me lots of cash); while someone else is offering me the blueprint for your best year ever (also enticingly capable of making me rich); yet another email points out a scientific study showing that most people would rather continue to do something that ISN’T working, rather than try something new that MIGHT work, and risk failing as a taunt to book a session with their rockstar coaching team (who will show me how to make more money); and lastly, a special Guidebook gift to help me get the most out of brand-new, free online seminar event about my transformation!

Whether it’s love, money or time people seem to be selling all manner of methods to acquire more. Except when I reach the Shift Network’s email about Gangaji – Natural Realization: Peacefully Resolving the Tension Between Freedom and Daily Responsibility. Gangaji will guide listeners into the deepest possibility for their lives as they walk the razor’s edge of their divinity and humanity, revealing how to:

> Resist nothing and fully open to all that is arising
> Find refuge in the silence, even in the midst of conflict and miscommunication
> Invite your whole being to surrender at a deeper level than the mind

Freedom is not found outside of commitments and responsibilities but through profound surrender. Non-resistance to life allows us to realize that there is nothing to get and nowhere to go. Everything we are is already here.

That’s rare.

To find someone willing to talk about our experience as already perfect. Not in the comparative way, perfect for your purpose. When the expansion of that idea leads to labels of ‘miscommunication’ and ‘conflict’ I wonder if it is the same kind of perfect that I espouse. With a ‘deeper level’ to be discovered and a sense of ‘resistance’ the appeal of perfection is all but lost.

I get that it’s hard to see life beyond oppositions and better outcomes.

I see that life is presented in a way you can’t help but judge as right and wrong.

What I’m excited about is the fact that no-one else is taking you through the eyes of Spirit – so it must be my job! If no-one else on the planet is talking about Oneness as no polarities, non judgement, no pathology, no control and no separation – then it must be up to me to introduce this crazy new idea.

Think about it for a moment. If Oneness is about no separation, then how can you have an ‘effect’ on someone else? How can you have unconditional love for your fellow beings if you separate the world into right-wrong, enlightened-ignorant, good-bad et cetera?

I like what Gangaji is saying about surrender and the idea that we are seeking a way to peacefully resolve the tension between freedom and daily responsibility. Divided priorities will always lead us into a space of uncertainty where we question our purpose. I know this because I also know there’s something else going on.

Because I Am not capable of seeing anything outside of the perfection of the Divine, I Am exactly where I need to be at all times (even when I don’t know why). For me, there is no ‘waiting’ or ‘better outcome’ because I can see what Spirit tells me – life is happening for me.

Even all the things you believe to be ‘obstacles’ of ‘evil’ are still manifestations of the Divine. We are coming into an age where more and more people want to feel their connection to the Divine directly. People want to see the world through Spirit’s eyes so they can make sense of life from a place of Inner Peace. It’s your Divine Identity that allows you to experience each moment on Earth directly through Spirit.

That’s what I’m called to do. Speak the words, sing the sounds and hear the messages that allow you to see yourself as directly connected. Once you know yourself as an aspect of the Divine, it’s up to you how to proceed – as a separate human being or in Oneness. Either way you are always on purpose, always an aspect of the Divine, and perfectly designed for your mission.

If you decide to experience life as a point of Oneness, then I will stand with you in that too. Whatever you decide is perfect. Life is a unique and sacred experience. If you’re looking for something that doesn’t make you wrong; if you’re open to new ideas about how we operate on this planet, then trust your intuitive guidance and make a connection…

Melanie Brockwell – Living Master of Heart Alchemy

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