Living In Two Worlds
  • Who Am I?

    Pallas Athena, a goddess of wisdom a war goddess who uses wisdom instead of weapons. My job on this planet is tied to this most of all, to helping people remember their soul level experience beyond the drama of human story. An expansion rather than an enlightenment or correction or advanced version of who you are, I can show you how to see and be in the world as your soul knows it.

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  • Stand In It…

    I’m more interested in teaching people how to think rather than what to think. When you think about each situation in these terms then you take out all the judgement (including positive and highest good), the need to control, the journey to somewhere (other than right here), and you keep passion, meaning, sovereignty, purpose, connection, self-awareness, and whatever else you need to be here as a gift, knowing you have a job…

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  • The Message

    I surrender because I know the wisdom of these insights are greater than my pleas for comfort or logic or control. I surrender as the Pathfinder of Oneness who has a job in this moment (to surrender) and then stay ‘here’ to do my job – because my job is not a potential future tied to some notion of what a messenger will be doing or might encounter, my job is to be here surrendering to the truth that ‘I am a messenger’ and this is exactly where I need to be.

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  • Tribal Law

    Last night I had a dreamscape in which a family moved to a small concrete village paradise with families they did not know but were connected to by…

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  • Appreciate

    Teach is not the word. It’s something else. I keep thinking about Richard Bach and the way I absorbed what he had to say without truly conceptualising anything…

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  • Virtual Library

    I woke up this morning feel-seeing the way my conversation with the cosmos works. Since Louise and I started designing the course, I have wondered why I have a vocabulary for…

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