Online Programmes

FREE and paid online projects for you to explore what you need.

The Cosmology

Check out where it all started and how you can stop becoming and start being.

Miracles & Wonder

Position yourself as a Living Master in all things no matter what with Mel & Lou.

Bespoke Business Services

Set the agenda for your success with a Oneness business model that prioritises your intuitive now experience.

Your Perfect Present

Reconnect with your now experience in this simple, flexible and self-paced system for a lifetime of extraordinary moments.

The Human Angel

Feel zen, make a difference and be uniquely you by connecting with a real life Deva Avatar (human angel) who sees only love.

Living Wisdom Blog

Writing about how to be in the moment committed to the purpose of now.

Telling Stories Blog

Sharing the process of re-framing every moment as an invitation to simply be.

Heart Alchemy YouTube

Subscribe for great content all about trust, joy, meaning and how to be uniquely you!

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